How I built my Two years old relationship on lies

in #relationship2 years ago

I met my girlfrienf on a social media and she had a picture with a dog so, of course, I commented on it as I broke the ice. We talked a bit and she turned out to LOVE dogs and I just said that yeah, dogs are great, because she seemed sweet and cute and I wanted a date.

Things progressed but we never met in her place because she had 2 roommates who acted like bunnies. so we usually would hang out at my place. I only really saw her dog when I was picking her up and I would never come in so I had no interaction with it.

Thing is she moved out to her own place last week. She now wants to hang out at her place. I would be very happy but her dog will be there too and...

I am really, REALLY afraid of dogs. I know I should've been honest from the get go but back then it seemed like such a small thing to lie about. I mean, how many tinder dates go beyond a hookup? And then the more time passed the more embarassed I felt. Especially since she would say that her dog breed gets so much bad rep by ignorant people and I just... how can I tell her I'm one of those people? Except I'm afraid of ALL dogs, not only hers so really it is worse?

How do I fix this? I don't want our relationship to end because I can't man up and just act like a normal person when I'm in a room with a friendly dog... I fucked up and I dont even know what to do here