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Hi all, 3 months I didn't do reviews on Blokhain projects, markets aren't happy, still this virus panic brought upon the entire planet. But the past project, which will be discussed in this article, I could not pass. In my opinion this is one of the most potentially promising projects over the last six months, especially since the project already has a finished product and not just some promise for attracting investors. So, the project which will be today - Relictum Pro.

Relictum Pro – development, designed to create a blockchain network is fundamentally different lines. Unlike most competitors, the main of which team the creators project calls Tether and COSMOS, it develops in a dozen different directions, making the world of cryptocurrency and blockchain available, cheap and easy as never before.

With the aim of solving existing problems, the project proposed a number of changes in the architecture of the blockchain, involving communication protocols, network infrastructure, network agreement, consensus algorithms, etc.

Currently used its own communications technology Gipernet that works over the Internet.

Gipernet gives a permanent stable connection between all nodes on a small limited period of time (from 0.5 to 10 s), depending on the network load.

Relictum Pro wins "Best Blockchain Startup" at De.Days in Spain

Characteristics of the project Relictum Pro

Blockchain project Relictum Pro develops all of its services on the basis of three types of assets that benefit his customers. These include:

Stable tokens.

The so-called Genesis Tokens are coins that were distributed among investors, poverissimo in the prospect of the project and invested money into it to ICO. A total of 10 billion units. Their holders to receive the income, depending on the popularity and usefulness of different functions blockchain project.

Stable tokens to any digital assets that link to the wallets Relictum Pro is stored on them and transferred inside the blockchain. One of them may be fiaty the dollar and the Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Ethereum or other digital currency. For convenience, the network project, they retain their typical abbreviated name: USD, BTC, LTC, ETH, etc.

Relict of Coins – the main asset of the project, which is the coin, the emission of which depends on the activity of using the blockchain network. The more computing processes are conducted, the more generated the Relict of Coins paid as remuneration nodes (with Commission). Course coins is calculated based on the fluctuations of the values of stable-tokens available on the project in order to mitigate the economic impact of these processes.

But the economy is not everything. Blockchain project aims to create a truly useful features which now reach speeds of 100,000 TPS. These include:

The possibility of creating a personal digital safe. You can put confidential files or data, passwords, correspondence, documents, and so on. Security system project Relictum Pro ensures that all loaded in the safe the information will not be available to anyone except the actual owner (the owner node).
Service for permanent access to ultra-precise decentralized oraculum data, including: time, exchange rates, and other parameters.
Service for the use of decentralized (fully-secure) random number generator.
Service to create and launch your own smart contracts in which you can develop unique projects or even to launch its own digital currency based on blockchain Coin Relictum.
A decentralized stock exchange based on blockchain project with hundreds of currency pairs and the function of the "Rapid exchange".
A secret chat with the blockchain encryption of each conversation.
Other services that are developing at the moment and will be added to the project in the near future.

Thus, we see developing, which is not inferior to existing blockchains. At the same time, it has a number of additional chips and enables you to make use of, payment for and storage of third-party currency cheap and more secure.

The benefits of the project Relictum Pro

Blockchain this project has a number of positive features that distinguish it from competitors in the market. Its most visible benefits immediately should include:

the high security setting;
full decentralization of functions;
high speed network;
privacy policy;
guarantee the immutability of downloaded data.
interesting concept of a purse with the majority available in the world of crypto-currencies and no commissions for transfers.
Already, the project is actively used by clients interested in: safe and convenient databases, the organization of clean and independent voting, the online Commerce sector, logistics, video games, social networks and in projects requiring identification of a person.

In addition to this Relictum Pro offers the latest technology of the blockchain 5.0, which offers:

Updated the architecture of the circuits and blocks, as well as sending data in parallel chains.
Own safe technology of communication.
Unique consensus called PoT (Proof Of Tsar), which protects from collision of hashes and having the typing of the node and their status.


Current situation and development in the future
At the moment, still under the ICO, which will be completed by early summer of 2020. In the third quarter of this year, the developers plan to release an update with lots of custom smart contracts that can be used in various spheres of life and production.

Towards the end of the year the administration plans to report on the development of specific private networks and significantly increase the number of nodes. In 2021, the development of the network continues, and steps are being taken to promote coins RLC, and also to start the development of smart contracts, under political government requests.

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The project is really promising and is developing dynamically, so I think that it will succeed.

Interesting idea! I am sure it will be implemented! Thanks for the review of the project!

The platform thought this idea very carefully and for a long time. With competence, she thinks about savings and investments.

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