Brokenness in man creates extremism.
And unfortunately all mankind is selfish and broken, so in this world there is no escaping terror. But if God does exist, and if Jesus is his Son, then through the Bible we have a promise of new-life, through faith in Christ, and we can begin to imagine the future without unfair judgment, pain and suffering.

Moreover, terror in this life is truly evil and deserves judgment by a just and good God, so again, without the God you speak against, I see no hope for any future worth living for.

I think your criticism has more to do with mankind's brokenness, but a side note might it be worth discussing that "Religion" in my view this word can and often refers to a system of rules which we call "law" which can be applied to your life, through which one tries to save themselves by earning favor of the religious authority or diety. Christianity is not at its heart this type of thing. Christianity is very clear that the most religious people, the "pharisees", were often held with the greatest contempt by Christ, because they did their works for their ownsake, not for God. They gave to charity to seen doing so, they prayed big words publicly to be seen and considered righteous. This is not the heart of Christ, nor of true Christianity. Christianity is about loving God, and walking with Christ. That's it. Sure that leads to certain other life changes but that is a side product of coming close to the source of life and light.

I hope and pray something I say here helps or sparks a train of investigative consideration you had not touched before. God bless.

It can do what you said but it doesn't have to Examples of non-religious atrocities are all around you: Pol Pot, The Bolshevik Revolutionary excesses. It goes on and on. The problem is not religion per se, but what people do with it that CAN be the problem.

How are you defining religion in this context? If it is any kind of worship then I can agree, however if you are only describing a belief in God then disagree. Jesus is a great example of believing in God and teaching and practicing kindness to others.

Correct !!! it was just a thought !!!

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