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RE: If you think religion, and politics are the world's greatest problems, YOU'RE WRONG. THIS IS WHAT OUR PROBLEM IS....

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I like you'r thoughts on this. I come from a very religious upbringing (extremism). It has turned me off from anything associated with organized religion. Does this mean I don't believe in higher powers or energies? No not at all, In fact I am of the belief that there is something greater out there, if it is an energy we create, that in turn reflects back on our lives, or a divine power none of us can comprehend.

However I do feel humans have realized there is something there, and over history have written scriptures/books from "prophets" and pawned them off on humans as "divine teachings". All of this has been done throughout history to control people. Therefore anything from "organized" religion is actually not "divine" or "spiritual" in my opinion.
Peace and harmony can be found through nature, through love for those in your life circle. And disassociation with negative people is one of the best things you can do in life. Negative energies (people) will try and latch to positive people. Its just laws of nature.

In today's digital, capitalist, self driven world, humans have lost touch with nature and the energies we receive and transmit with nature. I am privileged to live in Colorado USA, where we have some of the most peaceful, beautiful, elements of nature at our fingertips. I make sure to escape the city as much as I can to breathe in the clarity of the wilderness.