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I do not think that anything on earth can more wonderful than having an interview with God.

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I realise that it is not always possible, because I can talk to God in my head and I know he knows everything I am saying or thinking.

He does not always answer immediately, but for sure you will get an answer in some or other way.

That is something that the bible promises us that if we ask we will receive.

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The most important thing to remember is not to be in such a hurry, as God has eternity to answer you.

He does everything with a reason and we must be so thankful that he died for us so that we do not have to die and not get a chance to live in heaven.

I found this wonderful you tube video of an interview with God and I truly think it is so beautiful that more people might enjoy it as much as I did.

Courtesy of you tube

That is the reason I am putting it in here for you to see.

We forget so easily, and we do not always appreciate every second on earth, but if it was not for him there would not have been any reason to live a wonderful life and really live.

By living I am saying enjoy life to its fullest extent, as long as you keep in mind that he is watching you.

He gave every one of us the chance to live life and enjoy but we must keep in mind that there are certain morals and values that have to stay in life to make it wonderful.

If we forget that we are really in trouble as one day we will have to go and explain why we did things we were not supposed to do.

All he asks from us is that we love each other and love him. We have to forgive everybody no matter what they did against us as that is very important that we forgive and forget.

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Sometimes it is not that easy but it is something we have to keep doing as it is for our own true experience to one day sit in his presence.

I hope you enjoy the video and have a good day @bigbear.


There is one thing I become so sure about, God answers prayers. I have made a lot of wishes to God and to my surprise. They are coming to pass and so fast.
I got a 5g Gold from a contest I won on steemit. It received last week.
Prayed for a new phone. Open doors on steemit, God made it possible and I got a brand new phone same last week. I got an Upvote from someone that I always wish and pray for to see my post.
Unexpectedly, I got the biggest upvote of my current steemit life. God has been so nice to me. Thanks for this

Make sure not to forget Steemit's developers, I'm pretty sure they had a part in your fortune as well ;)

Okay I will

Thats so inspiring. Truth be told I always get a challenge praying to God every day. And that makes me feel like I have let Him down yet He does so much for me.
Like this time when I didnt really have tuition. And He pulled me through at the very registration deadline.

That is God, God doesn't do things on the time you want. God does things on his own time. God has always been rescuing me since the past two year.
Am happy God saved you at the needed time. Am always grateful

God is the world best word. thanks for @brightideas

Amen to that... We can see a little bit of God in everything around us. He has made everything beautiful. Lovely writeup

Certainly does answer prayers.

Beautiful post! God is always there for us :D He loves us as anyone!

I have just posted a picture of a Cathedral, go to check it!
Many blessings!

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