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Work was fine today. But something extraordinary happened.


Normally, when I am less busy, I would just surf the net, participate in airdrops, keep in touch with friends or just read a random pdf. But today, I decided to flip through different channels on the television 📺.

After a while, I settled on This is the official channel of the Synagogue Church of All Nation (SCOAN), Pastore by Prophet T. B. Joshua.


Lots of things caught my attention but what retained it was the sermon. It was so expository and divine.

The essence of this post is merely to share part of the sermon.

Don't wait until someone cries for help before you help the person.

The person you give something to is the one helping you - you should thank him/her. Because, when you give, you are reshaping your destiny.

The beauty of life is not measured by how happy you are but by how many people are happy because of you.

I found meaning in these words.


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