The evolution of Adam - Entropy and Eden.

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So far we have been looking at the fall of Adam and Eve from Edenic conditions from the perspective on the implications it had on their fall from an immortal to a mortal state.

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The fall had other more immediate and urgent implications as well.

Eden, from its descriptions appears to have been of limited geographical extent and a place of lower entropy. It is described as a " garden" where every need appears to have been catered for.

We learn more about the garden simply by the contrast between it and the outside world, that Adam and Eve are cast out into, after partaking of the forbidden fruit.

From Genesis 3 we learn that the outside world is is a place of:

  • v14 cursing and eating of dust
  • v15 enmity and violence
  • v16 sorrow, desires and ruling
  • v17 cursing and sorrow
  • v18 thorns and thistles
  • v19 sweat, work and eventual death and decomposition

These are the things we know and that are an every day part of our lives.

This is the world we live in.

It is the world of ever increasing Entropy.

Entropy is a measure of the degrees of freedom in a system, put differently it is the number of choices or options available at any given time.

A system with high entropy has many available options or possible outcomes, whereas a system with low entropy has fewer degrees of freedom.

Thanks to understanding the laws of thermodynamics we now know that systems tend to devolve and become more disorganization over time unless there is some form of energy input or work to maintain the current level of order.

In this world we live in... if one does not actively do something to maintain stuff, that stuff tends to fall apart over time.

That is because there are far more ways for things to become less organised than there are ways for things to become ordered. As systems evolve over time they follow the path or "pick the choices" that require the least energy, therefore things under these circumstance are likely to follow the path of least resistance.

I like to think of it that Time flows in one direction only and that is because it follows the path of least resistance. Time does not flow backwards because that would require it to flow uphill, so to speak.

That is why our lives consist of work, work, work.

We have to constantly be inserting energy into the system to counter the energy that flows out of the system in the form of disorder, waste and decay.

Eden was different, entropy or the tendency to fall apart and unravel was lower.

It appears that in Eden the direct presence of God either provided the necessary energy to maintain things in an ordered state or that simply that presence meant that things decayed more slowly, if at all.

It is easy for me to consider that Eden had far fewer degrees of freedom.

In fact we only read about two choices in this regard. One would maintain a blissfully ignorant immortal state that would last forever or the other that would introduce drastic change.

The latter was chosen and as a direct consequence, a new world with many more options or "degrees of freedom" ensued.

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A very thought provoking read. The original sin? Do you think that man would ever be satisfied to know that he had everything needed at his disposal? There is something so human about the story of The Garden of Eden.
It sets us apart from God. Yet we are Godly creatures that sin. I know that is another story. 🐓🐓

It is through this human experience that we gain experience and learn to be more like God by choosing good over evil without parental interference. Adams transgression opened the way and introduced choice into the lives of all that followed after.

It's through many choices that lasting character is developed.

So you are talking about free will here? I had never considered this perspective before. I understand our experiences help us to form character. You have given me much food for thought. Thank you for your response.

I appreciate the fact that you scientifically explain what happened between the serpent, Adam and eve,it also explains some Grey areas in details to curb arguments

Great as previous part @gavvet.. Thanks for sharing this.. i appreciate your effort on your articles.
For me the hitting point in this article is the six quotes that you mentioned from the Genesis 3

I'll have to go back and read some of your other posts. I'm not religious by any means and not very well versed but I'm fascinated by some of the interpretations I've come across, especially those that seek to explain the nature of reality and consciousness through a metaphorical understanding.

Great have fun

It could in addition to be said that the own occurring of "Eden" is actually more akin to the world of or angels to which it is said that they have no forgive other of their own but man is alternating (due to the Fall) in that because he must engage in the world of less entropy that if he is potentially practiced to learn from his experiences of dealing taking into account the or chaos of the world to be become a more perfected creature.

Well written, and well said. I would have to agree with most of these points.

I believe Adam would have had more choices than just whether or not to eat of the tree. We see that he named the animals, tended to the garden. But i do see what you mean in that he was more or less provided for in a sense. As in, he could just grab food from anywhere really as it was readily available. He didnt have to forage.

To clarify, by this I meant that was the only really difficult choice, where it had to be made and it was between two direct opposites, with eternal consequences.

This is so interesting!

If you do nothing entropy will take part of your life really quickly, that's why we always have to give the best of ourselves

exactly, if you are standing still you are really moving backwards.

@gavvet hi there, the fall of Adam and Eve from the original form of which which they were created. Had every thing to fo with Eden.
Eden was like a shell, a home that protected them from sin, and when they eventually fell, that was when they started to age, and started to die
Thank you for writing this.

I disagree. In Genesis 1:28 ' God said to them, s“Be fruitful and multiply and fill the earth and subdue it, and have dominion over the fish of the sea and over the birds of the heavens and over every living thing that moves on the earth.”'

This contradicts the concept that Eden was a final, perfect destination for mankind. Rather, by working in Eden's garden (Gen 2:15), we can suppose Adam's time to be temporary in nature, (I believe) an educational environment prior to going out and "subduing the earth".

Thats a perception we were made to realise that the garden of eden was a placw where they had communion with God,however they lost this when they sinned

I'm sorry. I don't understand your reply. Would you rephrase?

What im trying to say is that Adam and eve lost their perfect nature because they left eden which suppose to make them live forever, the moment they leftt eden, they killed the spirit of God in them

there will be a new world, once a world is destroyed, like a human, a new human will be born after a long lost man, so will all fall apart until it is destroyed, but there will be another form, so new world that never crumbles will be coming.

It could also be said that the state of "Eden" is actually more akin to the world of מלכים or angels to which it is said that they have no free choice of their own but man is different (due to the Fall) in that because he must engage in the world of less entropy that if he is potentially able to learn from his experiences of dealing with the תוהו ווחו or chaos of the world to be become a more perfected being.

Finally a compleate post on religion.thanks, waiting for more.And please follow me I am following you...@gavvet

The story of adam is intresting. adam is the first man created god according to lot of peoples belief,It has the potential to be diggers even further. There are actually lots of remarks I didn't expected them to be. In Eden, Adam and all living beings were immortal. Personaly I am not believing this Adam and Eden story. Its Not impressed with institutional religion. However, that raises the question of how did nature exist because we know some animals are food to others.
However great article. If we have not any problems it would be no important. This one is religious article so lot of diffrence have each others. No worries.
Resteemed your post.

Finally we all go to heaven, or is there something else ?

Its a little more complex than that

Do we really came from adam and eve or we evloved from monkeys.?

Perhaps both, but its not evolving from monkeys but apes, there is a difference...

Perhaps both ? What planet do you live on ? There is clear evidence that we evolved from an common ancestor. Putting in the Adam and Eve story into this doesn't fit in any way, there is simply no logic in it. You know religious people even claim "Since there is Humans, why are there still apes", it is a simple answear.. different paths, think of evolution like a tree with lots of branches that symbols different spicies.

I just wonder why you can even say that we came from a God which created two humans.. you know this is extremely old knowledge(!?) from which we have gotten a "little" more knowledge than thousands of years ago.

Sure the human body was evolved, there seems to be little dispute on that. The "perhaps both" comes in with regards to the introduction of individualized spirits which is where Adam and Eve come into the picture.

Spirits don't "fossilize" just like other aspects of the geological and archaeological record.

This leaves gaps in the record and large areas that are incomplete and only guessed at.

That story would be scientific theory currently i was thought. yeah that can be truth. Christianity still means a lot to me, science also helps a lot in understanding some things. We was born under the scientifically concept. But some peoples be angry with me. God have can something, not anything. Someone like for more practical definitions of terms and concepts. Anyway nice religious discussion @gavvet.

Adam and Eve got 3 sons, kain abel and set... then what happend ?

not everything is told... the story is incomplete as we have it

Entropy. I added that word to my vocabulary today. The exposition is great. Thank you

I have also added this word to mine. It's a great word for talking about these kinds of Biblical complexities.

God warned Adam and Eve that if they did eat from the prohibited tree, they would immediately die; both then ate from it. but then after God had not taken thier life, then forced Adam and Eve to leave the garden, following which these two humans then populated the earth.
So, this story teach us the forgiveness. !

Thank you for great post ! @gavvet

Thank you for these thoughts. They are interesting and a little different spin on things than the way I usually think about them, however it is also very in line with what I already believe.

It's all about the theory of evolution


Thank's for the post @gavvet


Fascinating story that has last for a long time, just amazing, so glad for science

@gavvet, very informative and valuable article you written about evolution, creation of adam. realy appreciate your work. good luck dear.

a very interesting post
according to history, adam and hawa is issued at different places, but I do not know how far the place between the two meram adam and hawa.
@gavvet, do you know, how many years have they gone and reawaken?

@gavvet a nice post, in addition to science for thank you for sharing

Religion creates extremism and ultimately terrorism .

Brokenness in man creates extremism.
And unfortunately all mankind is selfish and broken, so in this world there is no escaping terror. But if God does exist, and if Jesus is his Son, then through the Bible we have a promise of new-life, through faith in Christ, and we can begin to imagine the future without unfair judgment, pain and suffering.

Moreover, terror in this life is truly evil and deserves judgment by a just and good God, so again, without the God you speak against, I see no hope for any future worth living for.

I think your criticism has more to do with mankind's brokenness, but a side note might it be worth discussing that "Religion" in my view this word can and often refers to a system of rules which we call "law" which can be applied to your life, through which one tries to save themselves by earning favor of the religious authority or diety. Christianity is not at its heart this type of thing. Christianity is very clear that the most religious people, the "pharisees", were often held with the greatest contempt by Christ, because they did their works for their ownsake, not for God. They gave to charity to seen doing so, they prayed big words publicly to be seen and considered righteous. This is not the heart of Christ, nor of true Christianity. Christianity is about loving God, and walking with Christ. That's it. Sure that leads to certain other life changes but that is a side product of coming close to the source of life and light.

I hope and pray something I say here helps or sparks a train of investigative consideration you had not touched before. God bless.

It can do what you said but it doesn't have to Examples of non-religious atrocities are all around you: Pol Pot, The Bolshevik Revolutionary excesses. It goes on and on. The problem is not religion per se, but what people do with it that CAN be the problem.

How are you defining religion in this context? If it is any kind of worship then I can agree, however if you are only describing a belief in God then disagree. Jesus is a great example of believing in God and teaching and practicing kindness to others.

Correct !!! it was just a thought !!!

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Hi! @gavet,
Part of of what you have said is that what was inside the garden of Eden was opposite of what was outside Eden from where the serpent came. Very insiteful.

In fact the entropy has been proved beyond any doubt, it´s reproducible

and the entropy proves evolution origin of life wrong, with enought time every system disorganize it self, if you give a complex system enought time the system will not organize it self in something more complex you need a force, a mind, that organize the system to improve and add features or functions to it, no matter if the system is animated or not, the life origin and genesis point to this when metions the "ruah" of God the creator moving every where on earth giving life (life force) to every being created back then. This ruah gave life to the inanimated raw chemical elements, this life force or energy from the creator prevented the entropy to degrade this new ordered systems until Adam and Eve disobeyed.....