Religion?My Introduceyourself post update

in #religion5 years ago (edited)

Hi,hope all you stemians are doing well today as this post is just something i thought i would post.

Now this is about religion so if do get offended by religion i ask you to please not take this to seriously,
I recently posted a reintroduce yourself and forgot to put in there that i am a christian but not a person who does not have fun like all those people who get to serious but when time comes to be serious i am very serious.

But why should religion change who gets votes or not as i see this is a slight problem in this community so this post is sort of a test to see,also I why should our religion stop us from being a good community and post what we love and still get upvotes,so if you have another opinion that is perfectly fine,if you are an anarchist thats another story lol just joking that is also fine,if you would like to put a comment there below and let me know what you think.

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