If you think religion, and politics are the world's greatest problems, YOU'RE WRONG. THIS IS WHAT OUR PROBLEM IS....

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The Internet's space has been literally made stuffy by rants and opinions from several folks who believe that the world is in a bad shape because of religion and politics. It is true that because of the many religions that exist, humans are divided, torn in between several groups, beliefs and ideologies. Somehow, because hate and superiority complex has crept in, most of the chaos we experience, can easily be traced to religion. It is true that most religions opposes birth control, subjects women to the lowest positions, and habour the most heinous hypocrites. Talk about terrorism, talk about the historical Holy Wars, beheading, and all forms of cruelty, the Israeli-Palestine conflict, victims, chaos... they continue. Recently we see a rising storm in the Middle East between Shi'ite and Sunni; the stories are just too numerous if I should include events from minor religions.


Similarly, politics have been riddled by loopholes, dirty works and foul plays. Atheists like Mao, Stalin, or Pol Pot have murdered millions in the name of political totalitarianism. Nazism and Communism has caused several deaths too.
In Nigeria politics has never been driven by ideology. Sectional solidarity, tribalism, religious affiliation and political gangsterism have governed our politics since 1960, and this dark phenomenon is experienced in every part of the world. I wouldn't want to delve into history, but here's the main stay of this argument.

There's one thing we've failed to realize, or have simply forgotten:

Religion and politics existed in the first place, to make the world a better place. They were institutions structured to guide and channel our collective behaviours towards the common good! Love sits at the core of religion. Order sits at the core of politics. This is why they exist: to save us from imploding. To save us from chaos! So, here's the reason why we are where we are:



Yes, extremism is the culprit. Extremism is taking things too far, extremism is fanaticism. Being drivien to nuts by your own ideologies and belief system. You do not accommodate opinions and beliefs that do not reflect your standards and philosophy. A lot of folks out there hold extreme religious views, that's why they propagate chaos, and make life unbearable for others. A lot of folks hold extreme political views, too, that's why they spread their anarchy and vain propaganda to inspire violence to their own gains!

Eliminating religion and politics will not end our problems, it will aggravate our problems instead! We only need to focus on extremists, and curb their activities.

Extremism, that is our problem.


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You would have to define religion and politics more clearly for us to evaluate the validity of your statements. Religion is not mere spiritual belief or practice; it is dogmatic belief accepted without critical analysis. It is an evil - and certainly a problem - because it obviates lucid thought, and thus a true understanding of morality, which is the only solution to the world’s man-made ills.

Politics is generally meant to refer to governmental authority, which is a provably invalid and immoral deception. It as an evil - and certainly a problem - because it is the denial of man’s innate automomy through violent coercion (i.e. slavery).

Good and evil exist at polar opposites of a spectrum; each is an extreme position, by definition. Any moderate position along this spectrum is partially evil, and thus cannot be the optimal position from which to devise solutions. A little religion, a little government, a little evil is still evil.

What you have described as “extremism” is being at the extreme evil end of that spectrum. Extremism itself is not the problem; however being extreme regarding an inherently evil institution (like religion or politics) will place you on the far evil end of the spectrum. Being less extreme will put you toward the center. But one can never transition to the good side of the spectrum while involved in these endeavors, no matter how moderate their position.

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I like you'r thoughts on this. I come from a very religious upbringing (extremism). It has turned me off from anything associated with organized religion. Does this mean I don't believe in higher powers or energies? No not at all, In fact I am of the belief that there is something greater out there, if it is an energy we create, that in turn reflects back on our lives, or a divine power none of us can comprehend.

However I do feel humans have realized there is something there, and over history have written scriptures/books from "prophets" and pawned them off on humans as "divine teachings". All of this has been done throughout history to control people. Therefore anything from "organized" religion is actually not "divine" or "spiritual" in my opinion.
Peace and harmony can be found through nature, through love for those in your life circle. And disassociation with negative people is one of the best things you can do in life. Negative energies (people) will try and latch to positive people. Its just laws of nature.

In today's digital, capitalist, self driven world, humans have lost touch with nature and the energies we receive and transmit with nature. I am privileged to live in Colorado USA, where we have some of the most peaceful, beautiful, elements of nature at our fingertips. I make sure to escape the city as much as I can to breathe in the clarity of the wilderness.

Ugh. Sometimes it feels like the things that divide us push us all so far to the edges that if one chooses a side they have to choose between two extremes.

I wish the live and let live philosophy were more popular. I don't care what anyone believes or does, as long as it doesn't get in the way of what someone else is trying to do.

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