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I've long felt like an upset porcupine when seeing how religiots end up in scientific institutions to save their superstitious asses, only for them to then credit a pathetic imaginary god when they recuperate. Imagine you get your fixed car back from your mechanic, and then saying thanks to Little Red Ridinghood! It's exactly the same, both the god-thing and Little Red Ridinghood are in books only.

Doctors are trained to hide their disgust and to act polite while plotting to get the patient into the mental ward, but my guess is the mechanic will moer the unstablee right there.

I came across a post on Facebook after an online friend alerted me. I then spurred him on to post a worthy comment. Actually, I typed the comment and sent it to him via Telegram, and he was so nice to post it as comment. To her credit, she did thank the hospital staff, which is something one often does not see amongst religiots.

So here below is first her post, and thereafter the comment I instigated. I used Google Translate to translate all the text (original text on the screenshots) after first having had to improve her bad spelling in her own mother language, so that Google could understand it. The more religious someone is, the worse the spelling is. Always. Observe and see for yourself.

Patient credits silly god - Remil Gresenbach.jpg

Round 2. I was really scared this time that they were going to cut, but fortunately it could be avoided. Then I want to quickly add that the Lord stepped in here and that I am very grateful. And the hospital service I got was the best ever and it was only my second time there. Wish all hospitals can provide such great service and their staff is great, they care about you.

And a sound, critical, questioning reply:

Reply to patient - Remil Gresenbach.jpg

Really?! This Lord-guy, why did he have to step in, don't you mean a doctor who studied hard and works 12 hours a day stepped in? It's a slap in any doctor's face when a disgusting - imaginary - god who drowns people gets the credit. If that god-thing existed, you could have just gone to your nearest church, and abracadabra, you'd be cured.

By the way, where is this Lord-guy during farm attacks when innocent people are cruelly tortured, children raped, and then all killed? If he is everywhere as the Bible claims, then he is just standing there watching. A very sick god then, who can not keep his promise to protect his children.

Just be honest: It's not an imaginary god who stepped in, it's doctors and science that save people's lives. Why then metaphorically slap hard-working, overworked hospital staff through their faces? No god injected that life-saving drugs, it was a human, and no god was necessary for that.

But do talk to the little fable man in your head, ask him why innocent people died in that same hospital yesterday. Could he not intervene then because he was looking for your car keys?

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