Pray for my sister.

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My sister was diagnosed with leiomyosarcoma of the uterus in Nov 2015. Day before yesterday the PET test revealed a possible recurrence. Just pray for her that the biopsy reveals nothing and the PET was false(luckily it often happens that way). We are all anxiously waiting....

Thank you for your positive thoughts. :)

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I hope your sister will get better soon. 🕊

Thank you for your kind wishes!

hopefully get well soon

Thank you.

She will be okay. Shes on my prayer.

cheers o/

Touch wood!

We pray for good news for all of you.

Thanks. Often prayers work wonders. :)

Prayers and Healing Energies for her my dear, please take it easy. She will be fine.
Can you please share her full name, date of birth on private chat

Just sent them. Thank you!

It will be a false reading, thr chances of coming back are not likely. :)

Touch wood. :)

all would be fine. tc!

Thanks mate! And touch wood.

Get well soon , lot of love and pry for her :)

Thank you very much for your kind words! :)

Thank you!

You are welcome!

I believe in good results

Cheers! :)

I am very sorry about your sister, I believe you will improve and that everything will be fine

Thank you for your noble thoughts! Touch wood.

You're welcome, I wish the best for her and for you