You would have to define religion and politics more clearly for us to evaluate the validity of your statements. Religion is not mere spiritual belief or practice; it is dogmatic belief accepted without critical analysis. It is an evil - and certainly a problem - because it obviates lucid thought, and thus a true understanding of morality, which is the only solution to the world’s man-made ills.

Politics is generally meant to refer to governmental authority, which is a provably invalid and immoral deception. It as an evil - and certainly a problem - because it is the denial of man’s innate automomy through violent coercion (i.e. slavery).

Good and evil exist at polar opposites of a spectrum; each is an extreme position, by definition. Any moderate position along this spectrum is partially evil, and thus cannot be the optimal position from which to devise solutions. A little religion, a little government, a little evil is still evil.

What you have described as “extremism” is being at the extreme evil end of that spectrum. Extremism itself is not the problem; however being extreme regarding an inherently evil institution (like religion or politics) will place you on the far evil end of the spectrum. Being less extreme will put you toward the center. But one can never transition to the good side of the spectrum while involved in these endeavors, no matter how moderate their position.