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As with every Friday, it’s time for another Prosperity check of my Prosperity Gospel Blog. These posts were made in the week from 5/25 to 5/31.

Week 6.png

As shown, I spent 1.933 SBD on upvote bots and got back 1.660 SBD. For my purposes, this is prosperity since I can't spend steem rewards. Sadly, I lost 0.273 SBD which represents a decrease of 14.1% for the week. Some of this is offset by getting 0.059 direct steem rewards. Which I didn’t like at first, but it is fine since much of the time steem is valued higher than SBD.

Overall, the bots were not kind last week, and I’d like to put the blame on some bad luck with the bots, but the reality is I need to be better about “playing the game”. I’ve lost over .45 SBD the past two weeks, so I need to get focused. It is a little harder to profit in SBD alone with the low price of steem, but the increased Steem Power rewards take a little of the sting away.

I know what you're thinking. The 0.756 steem power is more important in the long run. While true, since it is not liquid, I can't use it. So I look at it as the icing on the cake for now.

Thanks to all who voted and helped out for the week.


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