God created the universe

in #religion2 years ago


When we consider that God has limitless power, and is extremely wiser than the best of human beings, and at the same time comes down to love us, we are sure to ask some questions.

By the way, let us note that it is unreasonable to insist that the universe came from the blues, and an accident as some people have unsuccessfully tried to present over the years.

These people who do not believe in an organised creation have not been able to crack a central nut in the question. This is because every person who is not just dancing to the gallery will agree that the symmetry and order in what we see around us can in no way be by accident, which excludes an intelligent agent or creator.

There is an undeniable order in creation! And if so, there is an accompanying plan, which means there is something behind the scene. That something is God.


All man for himself and God for everyone

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