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There is one thing I become so sure about, God answers prayers. I have made a lot of wishes to God and to my surprise. They are coming to pass and so fast.
I got a 5g Gold from a contest I won on steemit. It received last week.
Prayed for a new phone. Open doors on steemit, God made it possible and I got a brand new phone same last week. I got an Upvote from someone that I always wish and pray for to see my post.
Unexpectedly, I got the biggest upvote of my current steemit life. God has been so nice to me. Thanks for this


Make sure not to forget Steemit's developers, I'm pretty sure they had a part in your fortune as well ;)

Okay I will

Thats so inspiring. Truth be told I always get a challenge praying to God every day. And that makes me feel like I have let Him down yet He does so much for me.
Like this time when I didnt really have tuition. And He pulled me through at the very registration deadline.

That is God, God doesn't do things on the time you want. God does things on his own time. God has always been rescuing me since the past two year.
Am happy God saved you at the needed time. Am always grateful

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