ART auction on steemit? will it work ?

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hello steemit friends how is going?it has been long time not been active for work reason.

i am thinking to sell art work through a website or in auction. taking payment in crypto.

any idea how would i make this possible? i will add it into my plan and find the best way of doing it .

please leave comment, ideas and if do the same follow me

i appreciate all thank you







Very nice works! Have a look at @steembay account for the auction services they provide. Some artist are selling there work there. But like most thinks on steem, it's still growing. In time steem will be a great way to sell art. But we are still lay the foundation in places. But with your talents.......

thank you my friend, i cant wait to see steemit to be used like Facebook and Instagram in the future, will be amazing for the early members :)

and until then i will be learning how to use the platform :p @steembay is good to practice and earn little SP lol

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