How Reed Elsevier Coin Can be Used to Champion the Cause for Even Distribution of the Abundant Wealth in the Cryptocurrency Industry

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The cryptocurrency industry is one of the fastest-growing industries in the world. What started as a play over a decade ago is now one of the most traded asset classes in the world – and the opportunities haven’t been fully harnessed.

One attribute of cryptocurrencies is the even distribution of wealth, as enshrined in the Bitcoin Whitepaper, where the founder(s), Satoshi Nakamoto proposed a financial system that includes both the banked and the unbanked. The whitepaper also went on to propose the decentralization of finances so that even the lowest individual in the society in terms of financial strength can be a part of it.

Now, there is a new crypto asset class called Reed Elsevier Coin (RELX) that can be used as a basis to facilitate the decentralization and even distribution of wealth in the cryptocurrency industry.
This article explains some of the inputs of the Reed Elsevier Coin (RELX) in terms of championing the cause for an even distribution of wealth in the cryptocurrency industry.

1- Yield-Creating Ventures
The first channel for creating and distributing wealth is via the introduction of several yield-creating ventures.

As you may have known, you don’t just make money by trading cryptocurrencies using the concept of buying low and selling high.

You also don’t make money from cryptocurrency only by staking or investing your crypto assets for a specific time until you are ready to take the asset and the profits they made.

One of the additional sources of income for cryptocurrency traders is Yield Farming, which is a concept that involves farming or being a part of the investors who will invest in a new crypto coin before it becomes available for the public to trade or invest in it.

That is one of the income and wealth-building opportunities that the Reed Elsevier Coin (RELX) presents. Via the several yield-creating ventures it creates, you can now trade and or make money passively when you farm new crypto coins.

2- Non-Deflationary DeFi Ecosystem
Reed Elsevier Coin (RELX) also operates a Non-Deflationary Decentralized Finance (DeFi) ecosystem meant to be a mechanism for cutting down on adverse price actions.

By that, we are looking at the possibility of effectively managing the volatile nature of the cryptocurrency market because the Non-Deflationary DeFi ecosystem ensures that your crypto assets are not overly exposed to the volatile market.

3- Safety Fund
The idea behind the Safety Fund is borne out of the fact that the cryptocurrency industry isn’t entirely free of hackers and cybercriminals who continually look for opportunities to make away with investors’ assets.

So, the Reed Elsevier Coin (RELX) team came up with the brilliant idea of using the Safety Fund as a means of paying back any loss suffered by the traders and investors of the RELX provided the issue was caused by lapses on the path of the coin’s founders.

The Reed Elsevier Coin (RELX) will go a long way to strengthen the newly-formed ties between the cryptocurrency industry and the fiat/traditional financial industry by bringing in more major players to adopt and use both currencies seamlessly.

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