Mnemonic Method to Remember Numbers

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Hey everyone. Today I will introduce you to a Mnemonic Method used to remember numbers. It may seem tricky at first, but with a little practice you will be amazed at how effective this method can be to use. Lets get to it...

Which is easier to remember?

American Presidential Candidates



Obviously the first option. The 1st option has meaning and can make a visual image in your mind. The random numbers have no meaning and are not very memorable. So the best way to remember numbers is to give them more meaning. You want to take the numbers and turn them into shapes to form letters and turn those letters into words.

In order to use this method you need to follow a few basic rules:
Begin with vowels: A, E, I, O, U. These vowels all have no value. They act as fillers or blanks.
The letters W, H, Y are also fillers or blanks. They also have no value

"0": is the S, Z, or C sound. S sounds like the hissing of a wheel which looks like a 0

"1": represents T or D sound

"2": N sound

"3". M sound

"4". R sound

"5". L sound

"6". J, Sh, soft Ch or soft G sound

"7". K, C sound

"8". F or V sound, think V8 engine

"9". B or P sound

Are you still with me? This seems like a lot, but lets use it in an example to make it easier to understand. Back to American Presidential Candidate. Lets break that down:

aMeRiCaN PReSiDeNTiaL CaNDiDaTeS (look at the Capital letters- those are given the values listed above; the lower case letters are fillers and have no value)

3M 4R 7C 2N 9P 4R 0S 1D 2N 1T 5L 7C 2N 1D 1D 1T 0S

The vowels are used as fillers to group the numbers with values to help create letters and then help create a word. In the beginning you really have to work hard to encode the information, but then it becomes easy. Think of the number 007, instantly you think about James Bond. We are trying to create the same experience with all numbers that you want to remember.

Well there you have it for today. Thanks for stopping by and I will see you again soon.

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