I will show you your reminders list...

in #remind-melast year (edited)

When you create a new reminder, there is an additional link available under the message footer ( named "your reminders" ) which redirects you to your active reminders list (i.e.: http://steemind-me.herokuapp.com/reminders/adasq):


The page is not fancy at all, but it prints your reminders in the following way:


You don't know me?

Hopefully some of you take an advantage of such feature. Remember to validate steemian's promises, bets using the bot! Tell them they were wrong / correct from the time perspective!



Cool tool I didn't know existed! I can think of a few times this would have come in handy.

I also browse through @remind-me's comments to check out how people have been using it.. I've already come across some STEEM predictions from a year ago.. sad to see how much things have changed honestly.

I love this tool so much! Even better now that there is a way to see previous reminders!

Hey.. is there a way to cancel reminders?

Thank you, unfortunately there is no way to remove your reminder. Cheers.

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