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In the early 21st century and to the present day, information increases its importance in people's lives. The Internet is spread all over the world and people use millions of applications and devices connected via the Internet every day.

In this case, the only way to control user account data is the usual login and password. But, over the years of the progress of IT technologies, these familiar requisites for authentication have become insufficient for the complete security of personal data. There are so many ways to crack logins and passwords. The most common methods of hacking are:

  • Phishing attacks. They are conducted with the participation of third-party, viral software that penetrates the computer and sends attackers the information about the accounts tied to the device. According to the latest research data, more than 90% of hacker attacks - the results of phishing.
  • "Brute force" attack.
  • Direct hacking of the database using viruses and other hacker programs.
  • Hacking with the help of password and login. Special programs do this with impressive speed.
  • DDoS.
  • Hacking with the help of password recovery. Hackers get access to the phone or email and then access the account using the Access Restore function.

In order for the attackers to not be able to access the user account of the REMME system, a multi-level security system is used, based on unique digital signatures and certificates.

Remme principle of system protection

Remme is a young developers team from Ukraine, which is committed to improving the level of protection of user data. Nowadays, the usual protection of the account with the help of a username and password no longer shows such efficiency, as before, because technical tools of burglars are improving constantly. That's why the main emphasis was placed on the fact that only one person could control access to several accounts of different applications or different devices, maintaining the highest level of confidentiality and excluding the interference of third parties and the possibility of hacking. 

At the basis of the protection of user data are four aspects:

  1. A shared distributed database that eliminates the interference of third parties in the exchange of information between users or direct account hacking.
  2. The Remme functional can be used with several chains of data blocks, with the selected sequence. This means that even if you access the account information, the attackers will need to simultaneously access several blocks of information to decrypt all the contained data. As part of the work of modern networks, it is literally impossible.
  3. The Remme interface provides registered users with full access to information. Only the account owner can know the private key that is used to gain access to the information contained in the account. Remme personal keys are generated on the basis of complex computational algorithms and use advanced protocols of the modern blockchain technologies — they do not lend themselves to various kinds of hacking.
  4. The project provides users with a convenient and fast registration procedure. Immediately after, you will be able to access all the functionality of the Remme platform. Personal data will be placed in a distributed blockchain database and protected as much as possible. To maintain the highest level of confidentiality, you do not need to pay money for the VIP functions or for additional storage space — everything is available immediately after registration on the Remme platform.

Remme - a new word in the protection of user data

The young Ukrainian start-up has already shown quite impressive results when demonstrating the principles of its unique system. Thanks to the use of the latest developments in the blockchain technologies and a complex, almost unbreakable, data protection system, Remme has every chance of finding many fans around the world. Fast registration procedure and convenient integration with third-party applications and interfaces allow this project to declare itself as a new standard for the protection of user accounts and information.

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