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The DPP method for predicting binary outcomes, such as the winner of sporting events, takes four major ideas into consideration:

  1. Remote-viewing protocol, in general, was designed to record higher-level data as the viewer progresses through the session, since that data is unreliable at the beginning of the session.

  2. Emotions are higher-level data.

  3. Emotions of the home crowd are reliable predictors of win/loss of the home team.

  4. Feedback is important for development.

Hence, the DPP protocol! As more sessions are done with this method, the protocol can evolve. But, I've mostly done DPP freestyle, randomly asking for colors, shapes, intangibles, etc, until I feel comfortable I'm viewing a sporting event.

It is only when I'm ready to perceive emotions that I use a somewhat structured protocol, which is necessary to get the emotions at various stages; necessary for accuracy of the session and provides the benefit of feedback.

Example of structured protocol for emotions at a given time in the event:

Move to 5 minutes into 1st quarter with an emphasis on emotions of the observers.


Observers are thrilled, happy. Home team is probably winning at that point. Notice I'm doing this on a slight gradient, even at this point. I got some low-level data as colors first to keep me in the groove of the protocol, to keep from imagining the emotions, which, I believe, are higher-level data.

I can move to various stages in the game and check after the event to see if I was correct for feedback.

After you go through the various stages of the game, you go for the most important data: right *after *the event.

Move to 20 seconds after the event and perceive with an emphasis on emotions.

moving up and down
"we done it again"
never had a doubt

Then, go for some affirmation; double check!

Move to 40 seconds after the game and perceive with an emphasis on emotions

glad we came
looks good this year

Notice that other data comes in, in the form of phrases. I'm not sure if these "feelings" I'm picking up are actual things said, but it's a strange experience when it happens, but this sort of data further reinforces your confidence as feedback.

I would typically end the session around here, but before that start to summarize at a higher level and record my feelings of the session in notes:

For example: "I would predict the home team to win, and maybe surmise that the team might have a good record or it was a stellar performance that gave the team confidence. See "Looks good this year", "never had a doubt."

After summarzing, end the session, then make the prediction of home team or visiting.

The next step would be to check the spread at www.vegasinsider.com for the game with the closest spread. This is ALWAYS done after the session to ensure it was done blind. Whatever the home team was, I would predict as the winner.

DPP example: https://busy.org/@fastdraw07/remote-viewing-nba-basketball-cavs-vs-heat

Link to past results (90% accuracy): https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/14xX4p37tRMcvTD7wURHOgTJZvOA9EZBM7wuz_7Y5MH0/edit?usp=sharing

For more information on remote-viewing and precognition:


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what is your current updated record. 90% is unsustainable but I have heard 78% is

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