Remote Viewing: The Future Of Whole Brain Integration.

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When I first stumbled upon the concept of remote viewing in the fall of 2010 I was very intrigued.

The idea that the very same US government that had at its disposal a massive nuclear arsenal, cutting-edge stealth technology guarding our air space, and more naval Carrier battle groups prowling the world's oceans than all other navies of the world combined; had devoted vast amounts of time [and money] to develop this black budget, intelligence gathering asset had me on pins and needles.

It didn't even concern me when I discovered that, after two decades of research and development of what became known as the Stargate Project, the program was discontinued due to its low cost to benefit ratio. It didn't concern me because not being cost effective in no way implies that it wasn't useful. It has been very useful indeed!

When the government approached researchers Russell Targ and Harold Puthoff at the Stanford Research Institute with the task of developing a standardized method for turning normal military men into ‘psychic spies’, they unleashed something far more significant than anyone involved had ever dreamed!

All the Feds were hoping for was to task a few good men with acquiring intelligence by ‘non local’ means. That is to say, they wanted access to men who were capable of kicking back in a secret lab in Virginia or somewhere and psychically ‘download’ information about covert enemy projects, experimental enemy technology, the location of kidnapped military leaders, etc and to record this data in a orderly, reliable and reproducible fashion.


They got their wish.

Before long Targ and Puthoff, with the help of the renowned psychic Ingo Swann and a small group of hand-picked military officers, were acquiring copious amounts of intelligence data at a rate that was an astonishing 90% or more verifiable. By combining the efforts of multiple remote viewers the were even able to give 100% certainty to many of their missions!

But the real revolution came after the Stargate Project was defunded and put in mothballs.

In the same way that you might expect a highly trained navy SEAL to feel compelled to go into consulting for law enforcement agencies or to teach self-defense courses to women and children; you might also imagine that there isn't a huge market for former psychic spies in the civilian workforce.

As a result, men like David Morehouse and Ed Dames carried their remote viewing skills into civilian life and transformed the subject from a military black op into a valuable life skill for thousands of enthusiastic students. This was possible because remote viewing is not so much an intelligence gathering technique as it is a logical next step in human evolution.

Remote viewing works because it teaches us to use our whole brain in order to gather information. Every session involves the generation [or accessing] of a cryptogram, sometimes referred to as a gestalt.


This spontaneously drawn squiggle is said to contain all the information we need about the ‘target’ that we are trying to acquire. The task is then to extract the information from this gestalt. Ed Dames likens this process to taking a zip file and then carefully decompressing it to unlock its contents. This process requires a tricky combination of thinking, feeling and sensing. Each has its place in the process but each can also interfere with it if resorted to at the wrong time.

For example, if you draw a cryptogram and you see a symbol within it that represents the archetype for water, you can easily convince yourself that the target you are accessing is near a body of water. That would be a logical assumption. But logic while you are working with the gestalt is exactly the wrong thing. This gestalt is generated by the unconscious mind and is filled with symbolism, sentiment, intuition and not a drop of logic! So to analyze the gestalt logically would be to miss the point entirely. Your beachfront target might easily turn out to be an empty bottle of Dasani on the side of the highway in Death Valley!

There is an order of acquisition in remote viewing that is designed to maximize the efficiency with which we gather non local data, and this order of operation not only makes us better remote viewers, but better human beings.

To know when to think and when to feel, and perhaps even more importantly, to know when it is the wrong time to think or to feel or to speak or to listen is vital to becoming a more fully evolved human being.

This newfound ability to fully access unconscious input, without the corrupting influence of thought, and then to frame it in such a way that our conscious mind can decode it and utilize its value and power in everyday life is a valuable life skill, some might even call it a ‘superpower’; a superpower that can and will one day trigger a revolutionary leap in the evolution of mankind!


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I've been reading about remote viewing recently, interesting stuff. Difficult thing to explain I've learned also.

Yes! Very difficult to explain. Probably because so much of its power lies outside the realm of logic.


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"a logical next step in human evolution" indeed! This is not a new skill, but it is being remembered, and that's part of Nature's plan. Clairvoyance is becoming part of everyday life and definitely will revolutionise many areas of life. Remote viewing cells is one of my peculiar interest and I think there is way much more to be uncovered like interacting with one's own body and metabolic processes.


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I was reading more about this last night. A few years back I had experienced what I called dreams. I tapped into this awareness/expansion myself.

Really? What kind of dreams? Did you dream travel or bi locate?

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Wow really amazing post! And I love the picture!

C.I.A also used this, along with other methods..

You are absolutely right! Thank you. I should have mentioned that very important fact.

Np.. the remote viewing was a good read, and the simple way it could be done, was surprising...

Yes. The process is surprisingly simple. I believe that it is simple because it is so natural. It is in its elegant simplicity that lies its power.

How to classify this write up? Is that an opinion? News? Learning? Teaching? Report?

It is an opinion piece rooted in knowledge and research.

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I'm not sure what you mean?

I'm not sure what you mean?

I'm not sure what you mean?

Es simple y a la vez complejo, el concepto se puede entender de una manera muy sencilla, pero el aprendizaje se puede tornar complejo debido al cambio de perspectiva que debemos hacer sobre la realidad.
Excelente publicación amigo.

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I had visions of the brains electro magnetism & or functioning. I felt as if someone was trying to show or tell me things. It was weird.

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