lmao Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez omg 😆

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There's so much. There's just so much.

First of all, oh?.. Based on there being a sign about it? Lol.

I can hold a sign over the highway saying "no more brussels sprouts", but this wouldn't mean that the federal government actually should be looking into it.

It's kind of a hallmark of these victim complex people, that someone's complaint (1) is necessarily reasonable and (2) a government program must be the response to it.

It's like.. if you have baseline expectations that are unreasonable and unfair to others, you get used to people resisting and it being hard to get your way, and it can become a vicious cycle where they blame the world rather than their own side of it, and start to depend on being listened to no matter what.

So it's kind of funny and not surprising that someone holding a big sign would be AOC's way of determining 🤔 🤔 "oh hey, something to look into here". Lol.

Of course, on some level all expressions are valid. When they say "cancel rent", they're expressing fear and uncertainty. It's good to be aware and dialed in to what other people are dealing with, and to think about how you can help.

I hate to tell you though that if your first thought (or only thought) is "the federal government should do something", you probably aren't too interested in helping. You're interested in the virtue signal, or maybe in the Twitter battle or the political battle.

And it's not even just any level of government. She's saying the federal government should do it!!!

Local and state governments do exist, and something as bizarre as "cancelling rent" (whatever that even means exactly) may have more traction on a smaller level.

Do it wherever there's a big appetite for it rather than all-or-nothing for the whole country.

And we can all see how that works for you.

But she skips right to the federal government. Probably because Trump is in charge of the federal government, so her tweet here is really just a way of saying "wahhh wahhhhh Trump waahhhhhh cancel rent Trump bad if you don't wahh".

And probably because it's such a bad idea that you'd need everyone doing it at once. If just a few municipalities tried it, it'd stand out and be obvious that those places are chaotic now.

And then the 3rd layer: Obviously it doesn't actually make sense to "cancel rent".

That essentially just means "cancel an agreement".

(Or, "someone has to provide a home for you whether they want to or not".)

It's like they're children who forever live in this mom and dad fantasy of things just being given to them, and never think thru the Xs and Os and other people being involved and how they're affected.

If someone owns a home and agrees I can live there under XYZ terms, why should the federal government come in and just change that?


Okay, so talk to your landlord and explain that.

If they pass a law saying that the contract we previously had is "cancelled", I'd honestly feel super weird to just be living there for free, lol.

It depends how personalized your rental situation is. In an apartment from a big company, then obviously it's more distant and you don't necessarily feel the weirdness of it. But imagine walking downstairs and eating breakfast next to the home owner who rents a room to you, like "hey man, ya they cancelled it.. cool for me!!" when obviously he doesn't want you there if it's for free.

And obviously in practice it's just stupid, because then he'll kick you out. (Which in turn means they need to make it illegal to evict, and just all sorts of bad and chaos, which essentially plays out as renting is no longer a thing people do.)

The best way to get thru a crisis is with sane, process-oriented behavior.

Landlords and property managers don't just magically have this home for you to live in. They have their own bills; upkeep, taxes, loans or mortgages. They invested in the home for the revenue potential, not just at random because it's their obligation to provide for you.

If you "cancel rent", they don't keep providing a nice home for you for free, lol. Properties would be sold rather than rented.

Which is fine for people with enough money, but of course really bad for the poor. More or less everything AOC talks about is bad for the poor long-term.

Ultimately you can blame the banks, empowered by US monetary policy and legal tender laws, if you want to stomp your feet about something.

Like all things SJW, there probably is some kernel of truth, i.e. that real estate probably shouldn't be so expensive in the first place. Lots of inflation and debt to China where in turn they buy US real estate, large entitlement system where now people add to the demand for housing without adding to economic output, sprinkle in a high immigration rate (legal and otherwise), and price gets bid up higher than what the economy would naturally dictate.

But that doesn't mean cancelling rent makes any sense, lololol. Cancel the things that make rent artificially high.

From what I can see, landlords are currently quite forgiving.

I'm sure there are exceptions. But it's not like they don't understand that people are out of work and don't have money. And I believe it's illegal to evict right now anyways. In turn, banks are forgiving, and you can request to skip mortgage payments.

And I guess the Fed will liquidate everyone if need be.

So in general it's all very cushioned right now.

And this is so typical of them. You can be patient, forgiving, even bend over backwards for them.. and rather than appreciate it, they want more.

What should happen...

Really all the stimulus is kind of a circle-jerk.

If no one can afford rent, people start to miss payments and property owners accept less and the price of rent and the value of real estate collapses. That's the natural economic consequence (that's going on right now anyways, beneath the surface of stimulus propping things up).

So all this bailing everyone out, which is comforting and feels nice, really doesn't amount to anything. We have more money, but also higher rent prices. We could just as easily have less money and lower prices.

There would be some period of struggle no matter what.

It's like if a bomb falls, there's no way to magically make it so everything is fine and requires no sacrifice or downtime. If a pandemic comes thru, that inherently is bad and inherently makes things challenging.

But a worst case is prices fall to the floor and people will gradually figure out where they fit in the new economy (and all the charity and government assistance will still be there). And we chip away and it starts to work.

"Cancelling Rent" is insane and does not work.

What does that even mean anyways? If I own a house, I can't make a deal where someone sleeps on my couch for $20? (Or I can, but then immediately it's cancelled and he can sleep there for free? Or it was void at inception and he can't sleep there? Lol.)

If you like having nice places to live, without needing the resources and commitment of owning it yourself, then you shouldn't want rent to be cancelled.

I feel like once upon a time I didn't see much difference between Democrats and Republicans...

Obama vs Romney vs McCain vs Bush vs Kerry vs Gore 😴😴😴😴 it's all the same.

But they got me! The mighty state has evolved. Now it's actually interesting. It's kookoo, but interesting. Now it feels like more of a real divide. Like the sane and productive class vs the entitled victim-complex class.

I feel bad for the victim class. I feel bad for whatever has caused them to be this way and to believe these things.

But then when they perpetuate it and are trying to victimize others.. or victimize the general viability of daily life ✋✋✋🛑🛑🛑 hard stop.

They're worried, and "cancel rent" is just an emotional statement that won't actually happen. And people like AOC act as their voice for her own gain. I get it. Let them Tweet.

It's wonderful really, that we can all express these things. I can hold a sign that says "rip down the sky".

But let's also remember that it makes no sense. And if you care about people and their well-being, this "cancel rent" idea really has no place in what you think about.

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