The Right Structure of a Student Research Paper

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Writing a research paper is difficult for many students. For you to successfully write, you will have to learn how to begin the process. Luckily, you can use writing structures to help make your writing process successful and enjoyable. To help you write your research paper, here is a structure that you can use.
The Title
When writing a research paper in education, your title should indicate the purpose of your research and the ideas it address. Include keywords that can help explain your topic to the audience. Avoid using any abbreviations or jargon.
The Abstract
This is the executive summary of your research paper. Technically, it should have 120-200 words. Ensure that you introduce the topic, thesis and write a general statement about your research findings. The abstract gives you an opportunity to mention each aspect of your topic. The abstract is the last thing that you write in a research paper.
This section should provide the reader with all research question background information needed to understand the paper. Make it exciting to attract the reader’s attention. Ensure that you add your thesis statement towards the end. The thesis statement explains the purpose, focus, and structure of your research paper.
The Literature Review
The primary purpose of this section is to explain past important research that relates to your research question. It should combine both previous literature and the new idea being researched. The literature review should scrutinize the major theories related to the research question and their contributors. If you do not understand how to do this, buy a custom research paper from writing agencies. These are professional writers in academics who have assisted many students in completing research papers.
Using credible sources to get information is one of the crucial tips you should never forget. Credible sources include textbooks, Google Books, academic journals, scientific articles, and so on. Always try to use the most recent information and take notes as you research.
The Discussion
This is the heart of your research paper. In this section, you interpret and explain what you have learned from your research. Prove to your reader why your research question is important. Your discussion should show why what you have learned from your readings and how it has made the topic evolve. Remember to explain any new understanding you have learned after reading your sources. Use transition words to show how one paragraph connects to the other.
The Conclusion
This is a summary of your main ideas and restates your thesis statement. Recalling your thesis shows your reader that you have accomplished the main purpose of your paper.
Using this structure to write your research paper will make you succeed. So, feel free to follow it in your research writing process.