The iPhone app that identifies the symptoms of dementia

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Japanese researchers have developed an iPhone app that can identify the early symptoms of dementia. According to the report of 'The Manichi', free 'ITUG Ape' can identify the obstacles of walking and signal potential dementia. In this, the speed and time of the user are measured between the other factors.

Using the smartphone's internal sensor, the app measures the speed of front and back, up-down, left-right, and gives marks in 100 during the person's walk. In this way, if there is any disadvantage then it indicates the level of loss.

It has been said in the report that with this result, health care workers can determine the standing of a patient, walking three meters, taking a yu-turn and then going to his seat. In this, the calculation of less than 50 points shows the loss in modest walking.



Good to Japan in technologies

Nice japan technology

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