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Is conflict apart of gods plan.

Expression is contagious like laughter and honest like logic.

Conflict arises when one person expression is opposed to another person’s expression and they decide to test each other.

Let’s look at some practical examples of conflict

If two kind and honest people join in conflict they can use witts, language, and various resources to resolve a dispute.

Quickly conflicts can be resolved with perks being gained potentially on both sides

This is very rewarding and allows for multiple forms of expression to be promoted simultaneously

Diversity often has more potential than singularity

This is why democracy is more tolerable than a dictatorship

Now, If a kind person and an unintelligible person join in conflict. The outcome will almost always be one sided

And If two unintelligent people join in a dispute you may have a person or large groups of people dropping dead.

In its most glorious moment conflict may lead to resolution, propagation, and joy
In its most devilish moment conflict leads to death or despair


Is it gods plan for people to die in conflict?

By gods design attributes such as stupidity and arrogance will continue to die out where they are not appropriated and continue to thrive where they are appreciated and promoted.

Like all things we are constantly changing and evolving and what we like and dislike is changing as well

Strength was once very valuable, intellect is now becoming more valuable than strength. And then we will get tired of that too and go back to something else. Why? Intellect is more closely identified with deception, soon we will grow tired on deception and move onto something more civil like fist fights. It’s an endless game of Rock Paper Scissors


Like fashion trends come and go, so too should the revolving door of conflict be free and open for anyone to explore honestly

We live in a culture where conflict is frowned upon and intolerable. Severally punished by law. Yet the same people who would jail the everyday man or woman for some minor misconduct are out there reaping unimaginable wealth and fortune through deception and one sided conflict resolution.


Conflict promotes rapid progression

If conflict leads to agony the people participating in conflict have much more important things to learn than how to brutalize each other.

So yes god created conflict
But it’s mans ignorance that causes conflict to lead to death and despair.


Thank you for reading 🌺😊👍


Nicely described about conflict and it's resolutions @voidsoul

There is a conflict in everyone's life and everyone should try to resolve it.

Another valuble story. You are the best creative
Man, I have ever seen in this steemit society. Happy to add my blog. 🌸

Thank you 😊

It is impressive writing and it makes us think... Thanks for sharing your thoughts sincerely.

Thank you 🙏

You are welcome :)

Thank you providing a forum for discussion. Your topics always open the door for going deeper into the finer sentiments. In this regard... conflict... I am reminded of the teachings of Rupa Goswami a 15th century Indian saint who has described three types of discussion. 1) The struggle to be the one who is "right". 2) The struggle to win no matter what, might makes right and 3) The struggle to find the truth. It doesn't matter who is right or who wins by strength or shouts the loudest.

Thank you for sharing this

That is why conflicts between people are sometimes called, exchange of ideas; in this case both sides make a profit.

¡Hello friend! 🙋
Excellent your post on the conflict.
People must be more tolerant and try to resolve conflicts in a civilized way. Happy night! 🌜⭐
God bless you

Thank you

Likewise 😊

Important issue. The conflict has its origin in the disobedience of man with respect to the supreme law of God. Everything was created according to laws that must be respected, each one preserving their place. God said, "Love your neighbor as yourself." Greetings.

My ideas, violence and hatred lead to conflict . These are bad characteristics

We have conflicts because not all of us are governed by the same laws, and we do not all have the same ideologies. But if two capable people with a good attitude have a conflict, they can solve it in a good way.

Hmmm 😄 apa kabar bapak @voidsoul semoga bapak sukses terus, sungguh postingan bapak sangat termotivasi buat saya terimakasih 👍👋

Thank you 🤗

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