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RE: Ressolid and the Tokenized Economy

in #ressolid3 years ago

I see dozens of ideas already. The first "access token" I have described features in my old post "Toward a pan-EU blockchain infrastructure"

The idea there was to ask citizens to give their preference about where EU-sponsored free WiFi would be most beneficial. For that, the citizens would download an app for their smartphone.

Upon installing it, the hash of their smartphone IMEI would become the owner of an account on the blockchain. And that account would be credited with an arbitrary (say, 10) number of specific, WiFi4EU tokens. Well, those are access tokens: they would give the owner of the smartphone access to a survey. People would spend those tokens on locations (identified through GPS coordinates) where they would like to see WiFi hotspots installed.

Now if those tokens only had this usage, they would be indistinguishable from "application specific points" (like in a game). But here the additional interest is that they could become the "blood" of a mesh of more elaborate interactions with the EU, kind of a EU-wide direct democracy.

There could be ways for people to earn more of those tokens by doing stuff that the EU would like to reward (such as for instance mastering a foreign language, certified by passing an exam).

And there could be new ways to spend those tokens to influence EU policy making (pro or contra banning plastic straws for instance? spend tokens for your voice to count more)


Yes, I fully agree that this could pave a way towards direct democracy. And the idea of earning voting tokens is something we nees to persue, I believe that everyone shoud get a vote, but not all votes are equal; and such a mechanism can make that differentiation, it can be a perfect incentive :)