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RE: Nostalgia time! -- FREE RESTEEM service [CLOSED] #10-05

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thanks for all your hard work, here is my latest post which is what i'm hoping will turn out to be a gold mine for me if this coins value rises as i got in early


Nice, I like that fact that it's minable in a simple browser. I tried that in the past with monero.

PS. Sent a bid bot upvote too   =]

@cryptogbox thanks, I joined.

A little trick for you:

  • Press F12
  • Type: console = { log: () => {} }
  • Press enter

It will disable their logs in that browser window. CPU usage dropped by 3% right away.

interesting looks like I got 0 referrals so far, looks like I better improve my blog or maybe everyone that follows me has already registered before I promoted lol

That's weird. I used your referral so you should at least have 1. Someone joined with my link and it showed up straight away in my referrals count.
I navigated around the page and may have refreshed it but it should have saved the referral in a cookie/localstorage and work just fine. I guess it didn't? :(

as you can see 0 so I have no idea,

I gave you a free 30 resteems subscription to make up for it.
Are you ok with that?   =]

( Do you want the comment (with your resteems balance) to notify you of the resteem or prefer no comments? )

don't worry I contacted JSECoin via their bug program and they said that it was very unusual and they not 100% sure what happen but they paid me a manual referral deposit amount so its all good, but I still find it funny that it show 0 referrals, they also said they would monitor my amount for a bit and see if it happens again to see if this is a major fault or not

Good to know that they have a good customer service and that you got your funds!   =]
Hopefullly you did not lose other referrals though.. (I'm still at 2)

ok cool thanks

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