Nostalgia time! -- FREE RESTEEM service [OPEN] #10-06

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    ➡ FREE resteem! :D

First 10 will get upvoted and followed as well.

If you also resteem this post my bot will thank you upvoting and following you. Please, if you resteemed me, write it in your comment with your link.

{ As opposed to others I will not reply to your post with a comment saying that I resteemed you }

NOTE: new links in the comments will be detected and resteemed EVERY 30 MINS.

( for the first 24hs, then every hour or 2 )

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No comments on your blog!
If you want to OPT-IN for a small one with your available resteems balance please tell me and I'll add you to the list. The balance will appear hovering over the three dots .

My comments on this post will be muted after 24hs but the bot will still process your comments.

For SUPPORT regarding the subscribers service message me here

GETS A FREE RESTEEM TO ~10.5 K FOLLOWERS! (check winners here) -- ...1 left !!


The Little Rascals
Donald Trump, Whoopi Goldberg, Mel Brooks

movie   ( open it in a new tab )

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Communication to all my customers and subscribers -- Policy update: OPT-IN ONLY COMMENTS.

My bot will not comment on the resteemed posts anymore. Commenting is now disabled by default
(since I'm accused of "spam")

If you want to OPT-IN for a small comment that notifies you of the resteem (and if you're subscribed it will also contain the subscription balance that you can see hovering the 3 dots) tell me in a comment or in reply to this communication.

If you then change your mind, you can turn them off again at any time replying OFF to any of them.

Thanks, I hope you are enjoying my service!!   =]

Congratulations you got resteemed!

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