Let your post be seen by 650+ members in only 0.01 SBD

in #resteem4 years ago (edited)

Dear Minnows,

As part of our minnow support program, we introduce a limited-time daily resteem service, especially for newbies.


If you want your post to be resteemed, do the following:

  •    Send 0.01 SBD to @sbd.giveaway along with a link to your post that you want to be resteemed.
  •    Upvote this post
  •    Resteem this post
  •    Follow @sbd.giveaway

As mentioned before, this is a limited-time daily very cheap resteem service.

Your post will be resteemed. You can check back in few hours. The post is usually resteemed within an hour, but it can take upto 4-6 hours.


I tried this service and it worked great! Thanks @sbd.giveaway. :)

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