Final Fantasy (NES)

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Final Fantasy is one of the seminal games for the original NES. It was the game the brought Japanese style RPGs to the North American masses and has spawned countless sequels, spinoffs, ports and remakes as well as plenty of imitators. I've always preferred the more American style D&D type RPGs myself but there can be no doubt of the influence and impact of this game.

To be fair, the differences between JRPGs and "regular" RPGs aren't always significant. Final Fantasy involves the player's party traveling around an overworld map and occasionally engaging in turn based combat as part of their quest to do...whatever it is they set out to do. This isn't so different than the Gold Box D&D games for example. Really the difference has more to do with style and storyline than with basic gameplay mechanics.

Final Fantasy was released in the U.S. in 1987, preceding Dragon Warrior by about two years. Final Fantasy was a huge critical and commercial success and is one of those NES games that every video game aficionado should try.

Fortunately, Final Fantasy has been re-released more times than just about any other NES game so you aren't stuck with playing via an emulator or an original system if you don't want to be. It was released as part of Final Fantasy Origins for the PlayStation in 2003 with updated graphics, a remixed soundtrack and FMV sequences among other changes. In 2004 it was released for the Game Boy Advance as part of Final Fantasy I & II: Dawn of Souls. In 2007 it was released for the PSP with improved graphics and other changes from the Dawn of Souls release. In 2009 the original NES version was released on the Wii Virtual Console. In 2010-2012 mobile phone versions were released including a version for iOS that was based on the PSP version.

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Interesting, do tell more about Dragon Warrior vs. FF... I found DW IV to be super and creative. Like that casino sub-game! : ) But even Game Boy FF versions are amazing.

I haven't played the later Dragon Warrior games. I just remember that on the first one for the NES there was a lot of repetitive combat.

Duuuuuuude. Loved this game. I’m a dunce and sold all of my NES Games way too early. Before the vintage craze took off. Had so much too. Moron. Lol

My favourite rpg games of all time. Played almost all version. Too bad the new releases is not as good as the older one other than graphical advancement. Best version is the 7 series. And was hoping the new remake. Hopefully by this year.

It's aswame game bro,,,

I bought it new not knowing what it was, final fantasy series was great in the day

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