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2009-was the birth of bitcoin. The famous Japanese tried to the whole world. Thus was born the blockchain, who later received functional characterization of the blockchain 1.0. Six years later – cryptosphere learned blockchain "Ethereum" which is the result of an explicit "adjustments" is called blockchain 2.0. Its convincing advantage is a decentralized platform that is able to independently make transactions through so-called smart contracts that work according to a given algorithm of actions... and that's just the crypto-currency world "is dying out" and watching the rapid growth of ETH, as new EOS, Aelf, ArcBlock blockchains come to the market, which are called blockchain 3.0.

Or simply-an improved blockchain. What's the meaning of that? This means high-speed data transfer even of large volume. For example, on the 1.0 blockchain, to create a single transaction takes about 10 minutes to the blockchain 2.0 – 20 second, the blockchain 3.0 – 100 thousand per second! Agree, the difference is enormous! But here we do not stop. Because the blockchain 4.0 is already on the way…

InterValue is a decentralized platform with a high level of scalability, security and accelerated mining capabilities!

The goal of the team is that the fundamental spheres of society – banks, health care, culture, education, economy, Internet technology, social networks, Executive and judicial authorities will find a new birth in the vast Network. Which, of course, will speed up all the requested operations in hundreds of thousands of times and will allow you to perform thousands of requests in a minimum unit of time. What will turn the whole world-the speed will be enormous. Perhaps, with blockchain 4.0 and will begin era of artificial intelligence. When system lives autonomously and decentralized, and moreover with algorithmized system security, which "besiege" even hacker attacks with quantum computers. So "wonderful world" can start, according to the authors Intervale, from the end of 2018!

What solutions does the team develop?

  1. A special confirmation mechanism that provides the speed of more than a million transactions in 1 second(record in the sphere).
  2. Completely anonymous network that will allow you to hide IP addresses. Network members will be very difficult to track.
  3. The new data structure (the basis is taken from the blockchain 3.0) allows to reduce the amount of data in the block, which increases their security and network speed.
  4. The team implements crosscan and the parallel work of different networks and still retain anonymity.
  5. A special mechanism of protection against quantum attacks using the ntrusign algorithm.
  6. Special designed interfaces for real scaling and easy use of the network on an industrial scale.
  7. New smart contracts with advanced security and the virtual machine of Moses allows you to achieve
    balance between security, functionality, complexity and cost.
  8. A new two-level mining scheme with increased fairness.

Indeed, the team's plans are staggering, which they intend to implement in just 1 year, which indicates the seriousness of the intentions and the potential resource capacity of developers(more than 60 participants). Many of the team have a doctorate. The main part of the team is the developers.

Of course, a full-featured blockchain, as the developers of Intervale see their project, is impossible without the launch of an internal cryptocurrency. INVE the token takes on the support platform and the creation of sustainability (transparency and openness) constructed ecosystems. But only 9% (900 million) of the total number of tokens (10 billion) were put up for sale by the project authors. 60% of tokens are reserved for mining. Hardcap-45 000 ETH (900 million INVE) has already been collected and as you guessed it, the main investors are large funds that very carefully choose projects.

Снимок экрана 2018-08-08 в 20.28.10.png

Also, the authors of Intervale, unlike competitors, already have a demo version, offering to install the INVE wallet on the operating system used( Well, until August 31, INVE will appear on the exchange.


Intervale is definitely an ambitious and interesting project. Bribes that the demo version is already running. But will it be possible to implement the "Road map" in full force and become a full blockchain 4.0? Still unclear. But one thing is clear that the blockchain system does not stand still and deep transformations are waiting for it in the near future. Will this catalyst be Intervale? Time will tell. And the strength of the intention of the team of developers-we wish you success in a common useful business!

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blockchain 4.0? People are still the second version is not fully explored. Let's see what happens))

@nikprofit, we'll watch together)

They quickly collected the entire amount-it only says that the project is really valuable! I am going to buy them tokens!

@john16, me too, waiting for the exchange)

The project invested a lot of funds - I think there are serious analysts and they understand where to invest

1 million transactions per second? It sounds unrealistic. Well, let's see

@pokoleniebit, so it is written in white paper, we will observe)

In the project invested a lot of funds and quickly collected the maximum amount,I think the prospects are great!

If I understand correctly, the developers have collected the best quality of all projects and tried to make a superblockchain.

Indeed, with the development of the blockchain, it is infrastructure projects that have become very popular, which will be able to bring this industry to a new level.

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