Review of Redd's Wicked Black Cherry

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Oh, boy!

This dreck is really something. At $2.79 for a 24 ounce can, it's not the cheapest swill around... but you could be fooled by the taste.

The taste is something like a weird energy drink. The 8% alcohol content is masked by what I can only assume is artificial flavoring and sugars. Not actually bad, but something that discerning drinkers would certainly shy away from.

This schlock goes down a little too easy, sometimes. Before you know it, the can is empty and you're reaching for another.

Redd's Wicked Black Cherry (and Redd's Wicked Apple) is a bad decision that will doubtlessly lead to many more.

I prefer to drink about 3 or 4, for the right balance of strong buzz and minimal hangover.



OMG Rhis looks and sounds dangerous hahh

It is terrible in the best way :P

Hahah ok I want one now to knock me out and get off steeming

Mmmmm, rain check please.

I don't blame you for not wanting one. But you should have 2 or 3.

I am allergic to such products. 1-2-3 will never happen.

I believe this is what we, back when I was younger, affectionately referred to as "bitch beer." I guess it beats M.D. 2020.

When I was in college this beer I'm linking below was only available by the pony keg. It was something like 13% alcohol by volume and they had to change it because they couldn't legally sell it as beer. It was a "barley wine." Pretty good shit though.

Must be the water in Louisiana!

Shit Abita brewery makes some crazy beer. One has coffee brewed into it. Turbo Dog.

I would drink those just because of the colorful labels and caps!

And the high alcohol content.

LOL, the taps were pretty wild too. I remember the first time I drank Andygator was because the tap was a giant fucking alligator.