Product review: Red Bull Winter Edition: Plum Twist

in #review3 years ago

Earlier in the summer, I reviewed Red Bull's Summer Edition, Coconut Berry. While I found it a pleasant tasting drink, it wasn't good enough for me to make it a regular drink.

Well, now that Halloween is over, that means Christmas is just around the corner! It's amazing that nothing happens in November worth commemorating anymore. November doesn't have any holidays of its own now, just like August. November is just the deep economic breath before the consumerism plunge. Check your wallets, check your credit card balances, check them twice! Santa Claus (that's YOU!) is coming to town!

Christmas isn't just the reckless spending. It's also overeating. We have our favorite holiday foods: eggnog, springerle cookies, spumoni ice cream, turkey with the trimmings, and plum pudding. And now, thanks to the good folks at Red Bull, Plum Twist Winter Edition drink.

I had a little initial hesitation with this drink, but, fortunately, it was not founded. The Plum Twist is a delicious and pleasant drink, with an unorthodox taste, a good mix of a light fruitiness and a slight spice. Which spices? Honestly, I'm not too sure, but I guess cinnamon, and maybe ginger? Or nutmeg? I can't tell, but the spice is not overpowering for the drink, and it provides a nice balance against the fruity sweetness.

While most people I think would enjoy the sense of summer that the Coconut Berry offered, I regard Plum Twist as the aesthetic success. Red Bull took a gamble, because who really thinks about a plum drink, but it paid off. Winter may be coming, but the Plum Twist is here, so enjoy it for your caffeine fix.IMG_20181031_173708.jpg