After Action Review of Tell me why Chapter 1

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tell me why ep 4.jpg

I have recently completed chapter one of the new xbox exclusive game Tell Me Why also available on PC. To inform you upfront there will be spoilers since this is more of a story based narrative then a game that focuses heavily on framerate and action.

The opening takes place in what looks like basic interrogation room with a questioning happening between what sounds like and older gentlemen and a child. the conversation ending with "My mom tried to kill me". Scene fades out and seems to go about 10 years into the future. With a straight forward statement like that and no true background to how we got there or what transpired we are kind of stuck in a whirlwind of questions.

Although I said that the game does not focus on action framerate it does on the other hand focus on scenery. Which in ways helps to try and draw in many moments of the game. 2 characters seems to be getting things ready for something you don't know about yet. One of them being in a closed off room and the other with their window open looking at a beautiful backdrop of a mountain. Although one has a telescope and music playing their windows are shuttered and you don't see the outside. Could that be a metaphor of some kind? I'm honestly not sure because the other character appears to be the opposite. Window open, attitude towards the world different, and appearing to be more of the open of the 2 about themselves. Which also plays out more when looking back at the others room when your able to explore around. Pictures of her passed buried in boxes or the bottom of the desk draws.

But when the finally meet you see more contrast to their emotional states. One be more reserved the other being more outwardly emotional with outburst even if mild at times. But when they meet up and travel to what is known as their old home apparent abilities they had as children come back. Communicating with each other through though and being able to play back memories. Everything takes a turn after they find information that might change how their past actually played out and this is where the investigation begins for these 2 to try and find out what really happened in their past.

The scenes, backgrounds, and memories work well to help you solve puzzles with it all leading to figuring out what really happened before that night in the police station. But at the end of chapter 1 you end with more stories then answers. So with all of it said and done can you tell me why this shadowy figure seems to be coming back for our main characters?

so far the narrative based story from me gets a 8/10