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On My Mind songs tell about people who are always in our heads. "Maybe we've been with somebody who's not supposed to be with us. The name of the relationship is never as easy as determining black or white. And, this song is the right example, "said Ellie. "It just comes back to that basic thing of having that person just constantly stuck in our heads."

Filming his own video clip took place in Las Vegas, USA. "It's a weird place," said the British-born, December 30, 1986. "We were shooting at an old casino. The story, we always ride a horse to travel to berbagao place. Then, there is also a group of gangsters. Anyway, it was made in Thelma and Louise (1991), "he explained about the video, directed by Emil Nava, the same director with Calvin Harris's I Need Your Love video clip.

One single this single is really cool, let alone the whole album Delirium later, yes! The word girl who has six times nominated for this Brit Award, the album will be very different. "This time, there will be more upbeat elements. It's as a commitment to my love of pop and electronic music. I've gone into this album with a lot more positive outlook on life, "he said of the album that contains works of collaboration with Max Martin, Greg Kurstin, Ryan Tedder 'OneRepublic' and Guy Lawrence

In addition, the owner of the song Love Me like You Do is also considering many things during the process of making the album Delirium which will release November 6, 2015 is. "Since the first album, I've performed on thousands of shows. Well, the thing that has never occurred to me is how the sound of the song when performed live. So, I will take that aspect in this album, "he concluded about the album contains 16 songs.