Book Review: SNOOZE by Sol Luckman

in #review3 years ago

Snooze is a highly enjoyable coming of age book set in the very real contemporary setting of young adults realizing their innate multi-sensory abilities. Using easy-to-digest symbolism, Sol Luckman weaves a wonderful story through parallel timelines and takes the reader on a voyage of discovery. Similar to Richard Bach in style, Sol writes from the heart and touches the core essence of what makes us human: the journey of the hero.

Snooze comes highly recommended to anyone enjoying topics on paranormal, astral travel or lucid dreaming.


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Ooooh this looks interesting! Is it in novel form? I’m looking for a good novel to sink my brain into again 😁

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Hi @wildwanderer, yes, it is a novel and you will easily slip into the story. Easy relaxing read, I think you will like it.

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