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First impression

My first impression was that there is no enough developers working on the code and when Blurt was launched, a lot of basic features were broken. When trying to use Blurt in non-incognito window, it tried to use Steem blockchain instead, because the chain identifier was not changed to correct one and that caused Steem extensions for Chrome to interfere.


In incognito window, loading of pages fail a lot with CloudFlare unable to contact the servers. On first few days, the Blurt wallet was inaccessible, but after that it was impossible to power down to get enough coins to do anything, because powering down required Blurt that I didn't have, because I had powered up all my Steem before the snapshot for Blurt was taken.


Only voting up is possible and that caused massive spam of erotic posts to be created before transaction fee was implemented.


On first few days, it was possible to post on Blurt blockchain in incognito window, but no-one else did see the posts or comments, because the frontend didn't show any posts for any users.


If things don't get fixed fast, most people don't start using Blurt, because the coin itself will not increase in value and will be worth less than 5 cents, instead of above 20 cents that HIVE and Steem currently are.

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