Fight For Your Right To Garden!!! (Feastie Boys Food Activism Parody Song...)

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You woke up old school, and you don't want GMO!
You ask Obama PLEASE?!? But he still says NO!!

LOL! This is a fun song to have recovered from the quantum computer email dump... Quarkileaks does it again... LULZ... I recorded my own parody version of The Beastie Boys because it needed to be said... The lyrics are heartfelt, we should be growing food in every yard, and organic produce should be our currency...

I do art against Monsanto too... I even run an organization called Artists Against Monsanto, you can ask me about it if you want... We produce our own memes and try to keep an eye on the big players, and how they affect our lives negatively...

Bee Lives.jpg

I think I still have this moneyart, though sometimes I wish I spent them so the message would be more widespread... I can just see the look on the drive-thru girl's face when you buy french fries with my art, LOL! If anyone did want to buy this for SBD, gimme $30 steem and it's yours, anywhere in the world... Comes in a plastic toploading case for protection and display... All that for this one too...

Don't PICNIC.jpg

I have one more video to share with you!!! LULZ!! It is a parody of Beck's Devil's Haircut, this one being called Devil's Boycott... The original video footage worked well with the recording, so I added that to give one more layer of mandela effect for you... Enjoy! If you want the short message: Don't eat genetically modified foods! They cause cancer and sterility...

So on my other posts I do my own songs, art and cartoons, poetry, prose articles, and dank crypto memes! Please check me out and show me some love! I am available to edit documents for non-English speakers (for steem) and also do custom graphic design for steem... Hire me! Fire me! Inspire me! Let's all do this steemit thang together, because we built this crypto on block and chain...



So nice 😉 see my new post and Up vote it 🙏

Well, I checked out your blog, and all I saw were food type posts that sort of go the opposite direction of what I am saying in this very post!! LOL!! Cancer and sterility, that is the end of the road for people not eating organic and locally grown...

Yes the track is brilliant, got some permaculture groups that would love to hear this, sharing it! :) Did you redo the audio or just download the instrumental?

I got ahold of the karaoke version and recorded my own lyrics while trying to match the effects... That way it goes for end result close to original version... If I made the music too I would probably start to think I owned it or something!


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