Revomon (Revolution Monsters) is a vivid new Virtual Reality RPG game where things

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But before going any further, I want to tell you first about Cryptoqurrency or Blockchain Technology. Cryptocurrency was originally known as a payment system that allows people to be able to make transactions quickly, without third parties, transparently, securely, and anonymously. Satoshi who is the creator of Bitcoin, makes Bitcoin beat the centralized financial system that is prone to manipulation and controlled by one party. With the growth and development of the Crypto or blockchain ecosystem, a number of alternative investment options have emerged, and have proven to be more efficient and profitable investment tools than traditional financial returns. Innovative projects are consistently emerging in the crypto industry with high return investments and continuous trends, such as REVOMON is one of the projects that will attract large market investments. So, don’t waste this golden opportunity.

and, internet gaming has turned into a peculiarity that can't be overlooked. A huge number of individuals play an assortment of games, some expertly and others casually, everywhere. Gaming used to be viewed as an anomaly, yet it is presently viewed as the standard among numerous youngsters. The expression "play-to-acquire" has been tossed around a great deal as of late. Play-to-acquire is by and large what it seems like: a plan of action wherein clients may play a game while additionally procuring cryptocurrency.It's a solid mental worldview on the grounds that it joins two objectives that have pushed people since forever ago: bringing in cash and having delight. This current model's most significant perspective is that it awards players responsibility for in-game resources and permits them to expand their worth by effectively playing the game. In the digital money world, non-fungible tokens are regularly used to distinguish possession and even exchange it (NFT).


Vision of Revomon
Revomon’s vision is to turn into the main VR game controlled by a decentralized application (Dapp) on the blockchain. Revomon is carrying four new aspects to the gaming business through the Revomon local token, $REVO: Ownership, Play to procure, Project Governance, Staking.
Proprietorship: Gamers go through hours attempting to acquire an epic thing with extraordinary worth in the game, however when they quit playing these in-game depositories disappears from their record. With the exception of a couple arising blockchain games, the whole universe of gaming is being put away on unified information bases. This outcomes in reality as we know it where players have no obvious power over their characters and things, delivering them ceaselessly dependent on concentrated elements. The Revomon project settles this issue by permitting players to keep up with responsibility for their plundered things, created things, and got beasts. This is completely empowered through tokenization. Every player will actually want to change over their resources into Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) which are connected to their very own wallets.

Play to procure: Revomon challenges the exemplary parent’s grumbling — “You burn through your time playing these dumb games !”. Presently you’ll have the option to unquestionably say with Revomon you are not burning through your time any longer, in light of the fact that the additional time you spend in-game, the more rewards you will guarantee. Your time will be spent arriving at new levels and zones and opening different accomplishments. Revomon, at its center, is tied in with making an extraordinary gaming experience that likewise has a practical and significant economy.
Administration (DAO): Revomon utilizes a decentralized independent association (DAO) empowered through the $REVO administration token. $REVO creates collaboration between the local area and the group, and permits a local area driven model for direction. Every token addresses a voice that can be communicated through votes on the future choices of the stage. So, a decentralized directorate is made for this undertaking, and you can turn out to be important for it.

Marking/Farming: Revomon’s environment will make a fascinating method of producing latent income temporarily in its beginning phases, through marking and yield cultivating pools. 35.2% of the maximum inventory will be held in the RevoVault and will be utilized exclusively to compensate all clients that stake or give liquidity to take care of DeFi conventions, for example, Uniswap and Quick trade. Basically, by adding liquidity, you will actually want to stake the LP tokens got to acquire $REVO tokens dependent on a variable APY.


Ongoing interaction
Here, players will expect the job of a Revomon Tamer and figure out how their genuine motions will allow them to cooperate with the virtual world we have made.
“Revomon collided with Earth some time before the development of mankind into the planet’s predominant power.
As time elapsed notwithstanding, these animals had to adjust to the presence of humankind. As this change happened, Revomon Tamers figured out how to carry extraordinary advantages to mankind by tackling the unimaginable force of the beasts. Numerous secrets actually stay around the enchanted capacities of the Revomon, as it appears to be that Tamers have just barely started to comprehend their actual power.
Over time different groups have arisen who see the revomon for various purposes:
The researchers, who wish to examine these revomon and to comprehend and index their exceptional capacities.
The mysterious society, comprised of the world’s generally first class and influential individuals, they see revomon as only a device to be utilized for benefit.

The rebels, who accept the world was better when people and revomon were equivalent, they will likely utilize revomon to upset the harmony.
Select your Tamer and train your Revomon in a first-individual climate inside VR, and investigate the climate by associating with different components. Utilize your slingshot to toss energy balls at Revomon to catch or delivery them.”
Players can be compensated for the hours they spend playing Revomon. Time is important and the things they gather while playing will have an incentive for different players. The game is created in view of this center point. Revomon is fueled by REVO Token, which functions as the local cash of the Revomon stage.


Token Utility
All prizes on stage like occasions, contests, missions, in-game accomplishment, Collectible NFT’s are paid in REVO tokens
REVO will be utilized as an installment mode in Revomo’s in-house commercial center for purchase sell Revomons.
REVO can be utilized as an administration token on the stage and permits a local area driven model for navigation.
Every token addresses a voice that can be communicated through votes
REVO can be utilized for Staking, Farming, Liquidity, and early game access.


Token Name: Revomon
Token Ticker: REVO
Organization: Binance Smart Chain
Absolute Supply: 100,000,000 REVO

Albeit Virtual Reality innovation appears to be new, it has now been around for over 10 years, and organizations like Oculus have been key in getting gadgets into individuals’ hands. For sure, Oculus is as of now the innovator as far as deals and dynamic clients in the VR market, which is the reason they are the best first objective for the dispatch of Revomon.

The collectible beast game class needs content on VR stores, and as of now there is no VR round of a comparative sort which additionally uses blockchain innovation with a collectible game. As the time spent gathering beasts in games like Pokémon can be extensive, the responsibility for beasts is something obviously attractive, and NFTs can at long last give extreme possession.

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