shine your light

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My prifix and my surfix is to show my mystics
living life without God is to end with Misery
take it or not its a simply mystery.

A prophet send by God is to change the nation
Isaiah was sent to change his generation
so you are sent, hear this orientation.

The prince if Persia is battling again,
but the prince of the light is the one to win
the battle is drawn world tongue call it fun.

The fool speak to die, the wise speak to live
wisdom calling out hey can you hear?
it hidden in the truth the world so deny.

The world is lost, faith is forsaken
the trust is broken and the truth is hidden
everyday fighting, yet no solution
where are we going when the trust is broken?

bow your knee in prayer to the Holy King
only true King have mercy for the lost
my pleading oh God have mercy for the lost
oh............. have mercy for the lost.
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