Anyone else see what I'm seeing from the new Rick and Morty episode? ;)

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Another view


Steem power tank that the TV screen is on, for those who are looking in the comments what Mr. @acidyo is talking about ;)

You got it. ^^

It was a really good episode !

They're watching the impending whale wars. Probably Rick being pissed off about episodes being pirated on dtube, too.

Just watched this episode, and woah, didn't notice this!

Good eye!

That is cool the Steemit logo on the gas bottle who powers the screen
(STEEM POWER) nice found @acidyo :) Was it in season 3 episode 6 have not seen it yet but for sure will watch it today I love Rick and Morty

Yeah it's that episode and yeah its awesome. ^^

Okay cool just downloaded it and watch it now :)

That was funny as usual I liked the detoxed Morty 14 years old broker lol

Haha tiny American Psycho. :D

LoL yes. Would be cool to know what Christian Bale thinks about this scene if he had seen it (:
But for sure a cool episode. I would like to know what the makers of Rick and Morty are taking, to come up with with all that crazy things they show us? Maybe that stuff what is the first four letters in your name ;)

Steemit is everywhere!

OMG I thought it was edited!

Oh it wasn't that easy to notice! Nice find :)


Lol I didn't even watch the new one is this 6th episode ? . I'm still on YO PICKLE RIIIIIICHK !!! We want more steempowered rick and morty episodes

That steemit logo bellow the screen! :D

Steem baby steem!!

seems we found idea of steem logo:)

This is pretty dope. I think the odds are pretty good for this to be some sort of wink at Steem.

It reminds me of a post from @hilarski of a couple days ago about a logo that appeared on the Simpson and strangely resembled TenX logo. The resemblance was also very eerie as the logo was on a box where Burn took out a special credit card which is exactly what TenX is.

Yep, I picked up on it yesterday as well

lol I hope they put that steemit logo there on purpose. good catch. lol

Rick and Morty FTW!

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I totally missed that! 😄 They will need to do a better job at advertising it on the next episode though..


Nice... steemit gone mainstreem yewww

lol=) yes

And there is no better than playing it with 3D glasses

@acidyo You my friend have the eye of the tiger.I watched that episode twice and didn't even realise there was a steemit logo before my eyes.
You're definitely onto something haha
I'm new here and from scrolling through your blog,your posts are humerous and enlighting.#my first follow :)
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Looking forward to your posts :D Can't believe I missed that lol

It's STEEMIT RICK ... mothafuckaaaazzz.... YYYYYESS

#promo-uk LuL Good job Sherlock 👍

Hi @acidyo,
Haha, 02 or CO2 ?!? BOOM

Old & mad man @berniesanders catches my attention. Idk, my first impression was him, the protector of steem-- Steemit!

Steeem lollllllllllllllll
its great

Ever since I've joined Steemit it seems like it's everywhere now , because I never even noticed :D Steem Power to the rise :D

Hahaha kewl 😎

Noo, I don't trust you :) It is photoshop for sure :)))
If not, then YaY , Steemit is getting a good advertisement.

Good eye, nice find.

That's the Power of steemit to power on the T.V with out electricity.

Illuminatis watch us!!! Love this serie...

rick y morty es perfecta para combinarlo con psicodelicos

What are thoseeeeeeeee Steem spotted :O :D

I love this series. I haven't seen this episode yet but I will watch it tonight.

Ha-ha:) At first I didn't catch it, but now yes, I also see lol:)

@acidyo the value of steem is going waaaay up if this foretells of things to come lol

WOW very nice

ilike it

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Haha, now my favourite show got even better :D

Damn! Just watched the episode a while back. Didn't notice it at all.

Illuminati and Half life 3 confirmed

Im watching it right now! its great! :D

Steemit Film x)

A Steem Generator TV :P

Not even surprised to see this, lol. The people who animate this sneak in random stuff quite a bit, it was only a matter of time until Steemit took over :P

I am sure you looking at the steemit logo below the tv screen.

The message they are relaying is that steemit can be toxic at times... maybe it's just a coincidence. Funny I didn't recognize it when watching earlier.

Thats the eagle eye . Rick and Morty Season 3 is back. Rest and Rick-laxation not be relaxing quiet. fascinating to watch.

Thanks for sharing.

Best episode was Pickle Rick by far :D

My interpretation to that is STEEMIT changes us in a whole new level @acidyo

Thank you also for the support, I appreciate your helping hand and a kind heart.

Thank u for sharing :)

LOl You have a sense of humor. I don't know about what you wanted to share. I see a few images. I see something and someone. :) @acidyo

Haha is that real. I wonder if one of the producers is a steemian or if it is only an incident. Hmmm

Looks like Steem will be all over the place in the coming future. The Simpsons made some correct predictions based on their cartoons. Hope to see Rick and Morty exceed our expectations :) Btw, thanks for the vote. It means a lot. You have a good one, cheers!

lol that's great!!!

Steem Power Baby!!

😂 he looks like he's on acid yo 😂😂😎🙊

Haha, that too I guess. :P

Hahaha just trying to get your attention ⚠️ 😂😂😎

I have good tips to get his attention. Approach me in the back alley of steemit chat so we can discuss about how to take over the world!

They must be supporters of Steem! Haha

yes, the steemit logo :-)

Lol! Great :))

time travel suffs?

Steem Logo!!!

SEA CUCUMBER!!!!!!!!!!!

The photo that describes the image in it, you do have the art of constructing images @acidyo



That kids face is basically me whenever i read about crypto and blockchain :P

That was designed by me :)) ~~~


STEEM POWER is taking off! awsome :) well spotted bud

STEEM Power!!!!!!!

Wait...what?? That's crazy! Awesome...although I don't quite know what it would be saying about steemit, hopefully not something bad. Still, any publicity is good publicity right? Or was that just an accidental likeness?

Amazing catch! Going to rewatch the episode and then probably falsely tell people all day that Rick and Morty support Steem lol

I also caught this the day it aired and posted it on my steemit post, yeah, secret steemit logo