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RE: Anyone else see what I'm seeing from the new Rick and Morty episode? ;)

in #rick4 years ago

That is cool the Steemit logo on the gas bottle who powers the screen
(STEEM POWER) nice found @acidyo :) Was it in season 3 episode 6 have not seen it yet but for sure will watch it today I love Rick and Morty


Yeah it's that episode and yeah its awesome. ^^

Okay cool just downloaded it and watch it now :)

That was funny as usual I liked the detoxed Morty 14 years old broker lol

Haha tiny American Psycho. :D

LoL yes. Would be cool to know what Christian Bale thinks about this scene if he had seen it (:
But for sure a cool episode. I would like to know what the makers of Rick and Morty are taking, to come up with with all that crazy things they show us? Maybe that stuff what is the first four letters in your name ;)