Riddle me this! A great experience indeed.

Hi @sfp-ilocosnorte, thanks for having a riddle game contest everyday. It was a great experience for it make me do some effort in making funny yet a meaningful answers to every riddle you had. As i can remember, I won 3-4 times in your game and it brings to me much excitement for the coming riddles. Every time you announce the winner, I feel delightful when I win but when it's not my day, still go for another riddle answer haha.

Ill' not make this long for what's the purpose of this post is to thank you and your team for having such a good contest for us riddlers. Have a good break and hoping this kind of game of yours would be back sooner,
Godbless :) More power!


thank you for sharing your experience :)
That is the main goal of @sfp-ilocosnorte to help everyone and to bring joy to everyone.
Don't worry we will be back with a bang! :)

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