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I re-steemed and upVOted

Here are my words:
Money, she, on, no, an, as, alt, hey, ax, fun, action, io, ion, mi, wealth, jest, joy, mone, meat, it, coach, pay, oye, team, tea, im, un, i, is, id, Tim, yeh, be, vue, Sid, do, eo, ad, da, veg, Ann, Han, Jes, Bo, Ed, we, uh, ye, yo, hold, old... ( 51 words).


meanwhile, you leader in 12 hours will choose the winner ...


@asktolik , you did not mention in your post that it could be done in any language then I too would have come up with many more words. You will need to be more specific about that next time, as this is not fair play! its either English (which is the language of the post) or any language.

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