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A girl went to school and the teacher asked ‘how old are you?’

She replied ‘I don’t know but I know that I’m half my mother’s age’.

The teacher asked ‘OK how old is your mother?’

She said ‘I don’t know but I know that my Dad is 10 Years older than my mother’.

The teacher, then asked ‘how old is your Dad?’

She said ‘I don’t know but I know that if we add all our ages the answer is 100 yrs’…

Now, how old is the girl, her mum, & her dad?

Stress your brain a little and give me the answer. Have a great day everyone!



The girl is 18. The mother is 36. The father is 46. Now that that is solved now we can go on to why the girl doesn't know her own age. Thanks for the mental workout. :)

Lols! Menhhhh! U r funny! This part : "now we can go on to why the girl doesn't know her own age" got me cracking serious 😂😂😂

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Girl 18 + her mother being 36 +her father being 46 =100

well done sbamsoneu, once again!

Answered already...hummmmmm

this one is bigger than me for now, just passing bye. lol

Hoping to be the first person to answer but met someone who i think has the answer…Nice work but i hate mathematics.well done

Nice one. a good brain teaser.

Really brain cracking. Hmm, unfortunately the maths has been solved already.

Hmmm that means who ever that don't know maths cannot know the ages of the father, mother and daughter. That's a coded family indeed

Make the girl tell us her age abeg...i dont support illitracy

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