3 TA's Ripple Bull Trap, Ethereum Classic Moon, Zclassic Mega Bull Run

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Previous analysis indicated that Ripple had broken out and was forming next leg of a ride to the top

Now it seems that the XRP/BTC pair has broken down from the 1 hour triangle as shown below. If you are invested into XRP, now might be a good time to set some stop losses.

ripple possible bull trap.jpg

Ethereum Classic Looks Like It Broke Heavy Resistance and Could Move to 0.008 satoshi from 0.003

Ethereum Classic is geared up to be the next moon and has already broken through a resistance that has previously tested 3x. Ethereum Classic could move to a range of 45k to 80k satoshis in the next couple of days.
ethereum classic moon.jpg

Zclassic has consolidated for the last few weeks and is ready for another mega bull run with impending BTCP Fork

Zclassic has been a big hit over the last 3 months rising from $4.00 to $220.00 and now back to $117. Over the last 12 hours it seems that the next bull run has started for Zclassic and a small dip is happening at the time of writing this. Zclassic will fork to BTCP a privacy fork from bitcoin and will nearly guarantee a 2x-5x ROI by Feb 28th

zclassic mega bull run.jpg

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