Ripple Trade Analysis Update Feb 12 2018

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Ripple looks to have made the initial move into a potential all time high trend

If you've paid attention to the last couple of posts, I decided to analyze XRP/BTC and call it as a favorable trade. It has since traded above 10500 indicating that it's a new trend or.. has reached the bottom of the downward trend and is about to head up again.
ripple trend line.jpg

If you look at previous all time high of around 23k satoshis you can see that history might be repeating itself on the steps leading up to that ATH. Lets hope that this is the start of a Ripple move to $5.00. I'll keep you posted as things move forward.

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Let's hope so, any timeframes?

Its impossible to predict a time in crypto, but this summer will likely be very profitable.

Ripple is super good! I got my lambo from investing in Ripple! :) Took me like 2 weeks! Please read my story and #Hodl

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Great analysis, it would be great to see Ripple hit $5.00

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