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Rise Protocol is a rebase token with a difference. The debut of this crypto token is coming at a time that many cryptocurrency investors are literally running away from rebase tokens.

Thus, the team dubs it The World’s Most Advanced Rebase Token because of the several improvements that it features; making it a better rebase token than the ones we already know.

This article goes the extra mile to provide you succinct information about how the Rise Protocol would facilitate the adoption of rebase tokens at a time of indecision and withdrawals from most investors.

One of the reasons why crypto investors are wary of rebase tokens is because of the deflationary tendencies.

Conventional rebase tokens tend to reduce the supply of the tokens in a way that the investors would lose more money in the long-run.

That isn’t the case with the Rise Protocol rebase token that utilizes a unique and robust deflationary mechanism that is based on Supermassive Black Hole, which is a first line of defensive to put the negative undertones to token rebases at bay.

The Supermassive Black Hole works by providing a publicly viewable burn address that receives a fixed percentage of the $RISE token for every transaction completed in the Rise Protocol.

Another amazing feature of the Supermassive Black Hole is that a feedback loop is created anytime the Supermassive Black Hole grows larger. That also triggers more growth of the deflationary effects of the token.

The cryptocurrency industry proves that you can make more money than you imagined, only if you are trading the right crypto asset.

While some investors are shying away from investing in rebase tokens, others would take advantage of the frictionless yield offered by Rise Protocol to make money.

The effortless or frictionless yield feature here implies that holders or investors in the Rise Protocol token ($RISE) would automatically qualify for a quasi-airdrop of the Rise token ($RISE).

The distribution of free $RISE to all Rise token holders would only be possible when transactions are facilitated via the Rise Protocol.

Worthy of mention is that only 2% of every transaction would be freely and automatically distributed to all holders of the Rise token. The exception is that ever other transaction (swapping and sales) would count except buy transactions/orders.

As mentioned earlier, the distribution of the Rise token would come in the form of an airdrop. So, you wouldn’t spend on gas fee to get your free $RISE token.



The Rise Protocol team is doing an excellent job of adjusting the value/price of the Rise Token ($RISE) periodically.

According to the team, the token adjustments would be done every day at 20:00 UTC. The adjustment would be done in two ways.

The first is to adjust the supply of the $RISE token at 20:00 on the third consecutive day of the price of the token being 5% below the pegged price. The second adjustment would be done at 20:00 UTC if the price of the $RISE token is above the pegged price. That way, the rebase would be triggered so that the token holders can receive more $RISE tokens in their wallets.

The Rise Protocol would change the narrative about rebase tokens so that more crypto
investors can take an interest in investing in the same, starting with the Rise Token ($RISE).

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