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RE: SteemSpeak AMA-INTERVIEW with @SNEAK from Steemit Inc. About the 2017 Roadmap! MUST HEAR FOR ALL STEEMIANS!

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@steemspeak it would be nice if you could transcribe these into text instead of just posting raw audio. There are several automated services that will do it for you from the files.


@sneak - of course that would be nice. But I don´t find any transcribe software that is really capable of making a good transcription. Maybe you can demonstrate one for me so I can consider it for the future.

First of all I really enjoyed the first interview both of you did and I enjoyed that one even more. There's a good synergy between the two of you.

I used Dragon Naturally Speaking to transcribe the audio to text. It's the reference in the domain. You'll still have to do quite some correction work but it's manageable.